Nothing is more important to Trump than holding on to his base. As long as he says this stupid racist shit, a third of the country (albeit uneducated and poor), will remain loyal. But the more shockingly racist things that our president says, the more loyal his supporters become. Anyone who is offended by what Trump says, wasn’t gonna vote for him anyway. So in terms of our president’s popularity, nothing is lost. It really is a win win situation for Trump.

To a tee, Trump copied the rise of Hitler. His ex wife Ivana, said that Trump kept Hitler’s book by his bedside, and read it religiously. When Trump speaks to his base, he is targeting someone. Whether this castigation is foreign or domestic, Trump is inciting hatred. Considering that his base is generally 48 years old, white, uneducated and unemployed, an easy punching bag is black people. Even better, rich black people. Athletes are wonderful!

A few nights ago, he spoke to a white Southern audience. Trump inflamed the audience by convincing them that people “were trying to steal their heritage and attack their values.” Those words did the trick, and got that audience furious!

This is why Trump devotes so much time to these silly and futile quests to maintain his loyalty base. In fact, Trump has spent more time on his magical wall and the travel ban than anything else. Although, he knows such endeavors will never develop into anything. To Trump, his image is crucial. He knows that he will not be a productive president. But maybe, if he can make it appear as if he is trying to enforce these campaign platforms, then at least thirty percent of Americans will approve of him.



As soon as Trump uttered his first sentence on the campaign trail, he was boosted by swelling support. Trump appealed to the rancid hatred of America. He divided America, by endorsing the expulsion of Hispanics and Muslims from out country. Although America became the greatest country in the world by taking in the word’s refugees, suddenly Trump didn’t want them. Trump argues, let them die in their own countries.

The latest hateful ideology that Trump is impressing upon the country, is to denounce people who refuse to pledge allegiance to the flag. He called football players that don’t salute the flag, “sons of bitches”. His base loved that! The untrained mind will naturally think anyone who doesn’t salute our flag is in the wrong. America is great. Anyone who doesn’t salute the flag, should get out of the country. Such logic is simple. It does not require much complexity.

Ironically, Trump brought up this Kaepernick issue as soon as McCain voiced his opposition to the Obamacare repeal and replace bill. When Trump’s healthcare bill fails to get the vote, he will be forced to deal with a massive defeat. How better to prepare for this setback, than by stoking his base with Kaepernick? You see how angry Trump got when describing Kaepernick? Trump is trying to invoke so much anger for Kaepernick and for NFL team owners, that no one will care when Trump’s healthcare bill fails.

Using such profane language to describe those who don’t salute the flag was vicious, especially from President Trump. He sure seemed furious! If they are “sons of bitches”, I wonder what he would call people who sexually molest women, or what about people who scam thousands of little high school students out of a college education? Would Trump deem such violators “sons of bitches” as well?

Think of what a harmful precedent Trump is trying to set. Trump wants the NFL to fire people who don’t salute the American flag. What laws follow that? If Americans are forced to salute some iconic image, why not force them to worship at a certain church, or listen to a certain music, or to attend a certain theological class? There is no difference. Trump is suggesting that the government dictates who their citizens pledge allegiance to and worship. That right there is the description of a dictator! Doesn’t that defy everything we are as a country? If you are in America, and you don’t want to utter a prayer, you don’t have to. If Trump lived in Iran, would he pledge allegiance to the Iranian flag? According to his twisted logic, you should respect the country that you live in. 

Seeing an opportunity to score some points with his base, Trump hopped on the Kaepernick train, but that turned out to be a terrible mistake. When Kaepernicl decline to salute the flag, practically no one defended him. Even the NFL team owners refused to hire him. Kaepernick was shunned by the world…until Trump opened his fat mouth. Now, players on every team are kneeling during the national anthem. Now, Trump successfully united much of the NFL in Kaepernick’s corner.

It is a free country. If Kaepernick has a problem with the racial injustice of our country, he shouldn’t have to be forced to revere something he may not feel comfortable with. Wouldn’t you feel weird being forced to worship something you normally wouldn’t?

Everything our president does seems to be for his 30% approval groupies. The wall, this Kaepernick squabble, the travel ban, his refusal to denounce the KKK, removing us from the Paris Agreement were all grotesquely bizarre presidential initiatives, aimed to please his base. But the funny part is how many of those platforms will see the light of day. Besides removing America from the Paris Agreement, none of those other initiatives will ever become more than a means to enrage a Trumpkin. As a result, Trump knows these initiatives will never transpire. His travel ban and wall ideas, are comically impractical.

I salute our flag and I’m sure you do as well. But that has nothing to do with it. We all need to defend Kaepernick and also thank him for his sacrifices. A guy like Kaepernick loves this country so much that he is willing to sacrifice his million dollar career to right what he feels is wrong about our country. You think Donald Trump or any of those hillbilly moonshine swigging trailer park trash would do the same. Kaepernick may not salute the flag, but I guarantee that he loves this country more than all of his opposition does combined!

Putin plays his fiddles while America burns.