Texas has been destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. However, no one will argue that the damage would be less if more Texans had insurance. Republicans nationwide have put all their eggs in one basket. The only issue Republicans have fought recently is that Americans shouldn’t have to be forced to buy healthcare. Such a battle cry was quickly adopted by uneducated Republicans, as they marched the streets waving signs.

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Do you remember what a big issue Republicans made that?! Republicans told their minions how Obama was trying to enslave them. “You’re free people,” Republicans would shout at their rallies, “You shouldn’t have to be forced to buy anything!”

Houston congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee said that nearly 18 percent of adult Texans lack health care coverage, the highest rate in the nation. A few weeks ago, after the Republican-led Senate failed to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, Democrats are pressing Gov. Greg Abbott to reconsider his decision not to expand Texas’ Medicaid program. Just to think, if he had replied, and demanded Texans get insurance, the state would be in much better condition today.

“I and the citizens of Texas are still awaiting his response,” Jackson Lee said in a statement. Chron

Being forced to pay for insurance might be a terrible thing, but the Affordable Care Act offers subsidies to help low and middle-income Americans with this cost. What do these Republican puppets say to this? One loyal Republican argued, “I want to pay my own way. I will not take a handout.” USNews

That quote must make Republican politicians so proud!

Now, these morons are starting to regret not having insurance. Essentially, you can march into the hospital with no insurance and get treatment. However, someone will pay. Usually, that person is the tax payer. Ted Cruz might convince uneducated Republicans that insurance is bad. He won’t be affected. Only his voter and their children will suffer.

Houston is the fourth most populated city in America. After the extensive damage that Harvey caused, Houston hospitals have been forced to cancel surgeries and outpatient programs, to prevent shortages across the city. Things will undoubtedly get worse, as Harvey’s flooding recedes. The uninsured will show up at these Houston hospitals by the busload. DailyMail

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Huge segments of the Texas population being uninsured has been a problem for a long time. In fact, earlier this year, BEFORE the flood, some Houston hospitals were forced to fire thousands of people in order to pay for those without insurance.

All in all, the uninsured epidemic is really a problem that fuels itself. For example, with Houston hospitals in such financial doldrums, the costs of their procedures and equipment is obviously sky high. When hospitals are forced to provide free treatment to so many people, the few Texans that have insurance will see exorbitant bills.

What really chaps my ass, is that these Republicans convinced their uneducated followers not to get insurance. As a result, these voters genuinely believe that their children are better off with no health insurance. Republican voters devoutly followed the advice of their political leaders. As a result, their lives are ruined! You think Republican senators Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio have insurance? They preach how the government shouldn’t make us buy insurance, but they have their families insured. In a way, it is hard to sympathize with such sheep.