As my article from the the other day illustrated, Texas Rep. Joe Barton is one crooked politician. In fact, Texas Democrat Jana Lynne Sanchez is taking on the most entrenched Republican in Texas. Sanchez v. Barton is one fight everyone needs to pay close attention to. If a female Democrat manages to uproot Texas Joe Barton, that will be quite a statement! Fret not, my loyal Democrats. Crossing the fingers may help, but certainly not necessary! There are a lot indicators in Texas’ political climate, that point to a Sanchez victory!

Texas is turning in Sanchez’ favor. All major cities in Texas are Democratic. Like much of America, only the rural areas of Texas are Republican. The district in question is the heart of Texas, from the outskirts of Fort Worth to the rural Navarro county. Much of America is hoping that the well-funded Democrat can overcome an incumbent Republican. Much of America is expecting a blue wave to wash across Texas. The average swing from Republican to Democrat this year in special elections has been 17 points nationwide and this district is R+9, which means that a generic Democrat would beat a generic Republican by 9 points in a normal year.

Joe Barton has been in Texas politics for 33 years. During that especially lengthy tenure, he hasn’t done much for Texans. Since 2005, for example, he has only produced one bill. He makes headlines for the wrong reasons. Like when he outraged much of the country by apologizing to the Chairman of BP after the gulf spill. Or when he attempted to convince voters that wind power will heat the earth. No, it was not April Fools day! Just the other day, I wrote an article about how Rep. Joe Barton voted against aid for Texas victims affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Even though the vote was to supply aid to people who elected him into office, he voted against it!? Rep. Joe Barton justified his heartless vote, by insinuating the possibility that some of the aid could be wasted. His deranged logic was that it would be better that no one gets aid rather than a penny of the aid is wasted.

However, I guess Joe reckons that some waste is okay, as long as it falls into his pockets. His tenure has been very profitable. All he does is raise money, and then gets his kids to run his re-election campaigns. Just look at Rep. Joe Barton’s FEC public records. It is public knowledge that he has given his family members about $600,000 PLUS health benefits since 2005! According to the FEC report, last election, he paid his daughter $144,000 to be his treasurer. In Texas, this position is usually voluntary. If you are in a role of political leadership, it is very profitable to have your family working alongside you. Just ask Donald Trump! Until now, he has never had any serious opponents. The past 33 years have been very nice for Joe.

Rep. Joe Barton is as corrupt as they come. In 2011, Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington named Barton one of the most corrupt politicians in Congress. The fact that he has been in office for so long is shocking. In 2015, it was revealed that he earned nearly $100,000 from an interest in natural gas wells that he purchased from a longtime campaign donor who also advised the congressman on energy policy. Say it ain’t so Joe! Are you really gonna take that, but deprive your voter’s kids a roof to sleep under?!


Jana Lynne Sanchez is set to stir things up, deep in the heart of Texas! She’s one of at least 50 Democratic women running across the state in seats that have gone unchallenged or barely challenged over the last few decades. What happens here impacts the rest of the country. Even if you don’t live in Texas, we all are affected by its leadership. A Jana Sanchez win is a tremendous win for Democrats!