President Trump has failed on all of his campaign promises, except making our children’s healthcare implode. You Trumkins could high-five each other on that one! He rode to the White House on the back of desperation. Millions of angry and uneducated people, listened with awe as Trump spewed his promises. These dazzling promises were so auspicious, they voted for someone to be our president, that had never held an elected office. However, they weren’t voting for him, they were voting for his promises. Obamacare reform, building a wall, infrastructure, personal tax reform, corporate tax reform and kicking out Hispanics and Muslims from our country, were his biggest attractions.

Now it seems as if Trump has failed on everything he built his campaign on.

However, the single campaign promise that Trump has kept is destroying you and your kid’s healthcare.

he told an audience on Long Island, “You know, I said from the beginning, let Obamacare implode, and then do it. I turned out to be right. Let Obamacare implode.” TheAtlantic article

Destroying our nation’s healthcare was one of Trump’s big campaign promises. When a leader is elected with such harmful platforms, it makes you question the voter a lot more than the politician. Why would you vote for someone who wants to take away your kid’s healthcare?

On this issue, apparently Trump and his supporters got what they wanted.

The Congressional Budget Office released a report Thursday that predicts Trump administration policies on Obamacare could help it on its way by leading to rising premiums and decreased enrollment in individual insurance markets over the next year. CNN article

Luckily, for Trump and his clan, they don’t need Obamacare. They can easily afford their own insurance. Maybe if Ivanka did use Obamacare, Trump would not have been so eager to destroy it. Trump is not the only one to blame. The entire republican party has fought Obamacare more than any issue in their party’s history. They did everything possible to prevent me and you from getting insurance.

Obamacare could have been a lot more effective had the public option prevailed. In the end, democrats had to capitulate with republicans and discard the public option. After all, that was the biggest sticking point with republicans and insurance companies. Remember all those republicans walking down the street chanting, “Keep government out of my healthcare”? What morons! A public option is the only way to force insurance companies into lowering their prices. Instead of a board meeting of just insurance company CEOs deciding on prices, the public option would make them match prices with the government insurance company.

Congratulations, President Trump. You have successfully destroyed our nation’s insurance market. As a result of this “accomplishment”, countless Americans will die.