Delineating the amount of blame Bernie deserves for Trump, is a very passionate argument. In fact, this argument, like most, is a vicious cycle, with no definitive conclusion. One group may argue we got douched with Trump because of Bernie. Another group might argue that Trump is Hillary’s fault. Hillary’s new book blames Bernie.

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Finally, we have Hillary’s point of view. And there should be no surprise what side she is on.

In Hillary’s new book What Happened,  she tries to make sense of the past election. Quite possibly, the most shocking election in our nation’s history. People said that Hillary was the most qualified candidate to ever run. Meanwhile, Donald Trump was labeled the least qualified. In addition, Trump had stolen tuition from children and sexually molested women. Despite this deplorable candidate, he still managed to beat Hillary.

Some passages from the book have been shared. Clinton wrote that because she and Sanders agreed on most policy issues, the Vermont senator resorted to “innuendo and impugning my character.”

“His attacks caused lasting damage, making it harder to unify progressives in the general election and paving the way for Trump’s ‘Crooked Hillary’ campaign,” wrote Clinton.

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My readers know that I was a Hillary supporter. I was out on the street campaigning for her. However, for the first time, I will write that Bernie was not as much to blame as Hillary supposes. Even more to blame than Bernie, was Hillary’s campaign team. For starters, she paid so much attention to swing states like Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina, and wound up losing all of them. However, states that were imperative for her to win like Michigan and Wisconsin, she paid no attention to, and lost them as well. Hillary’s campaign has said that they didn’t take Donald seriously. Her campaign was a disaster.

Another tragic Hillary mistake was her refusal to touch on any of Trump’s nefarious deeds. Imagine a commercial with an interview of a victim from the Trump University scam. That would have been so powerful! There was one guy who emptied his life savings to enroll in Trump University! But Hillary didn’t even mention it. Or what about the women who were sexually assaulted by Trump? That would have been another powerful commercial.

I’ll give Hillary that there was a tropical storm of different reasons contributing to her defeat. Bernie Sanders would be high up on that list, but Hillary’s campaign’s performance would even be more blameworthy.

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