Republican ignorance is sometimes so vivid, you can see it, beaming from all of their bald heads as if a light-tower. It isn’t just the politicians though, the ignorance of the republican voters, who constantly are tricked into voting against their best interests, are damning every American.

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As we celebrate Labor Day, President Trump vows to get rid of Obama’s Dream Act, thereby deporting all minors who gained residency through the act. Without illegal alien labor, suddenly countless American products will cost a lot more to make. In the end, we will just opt to buy things made in China, where labor is still dirt cheap. Essentially, trashing the Dream Act is a kick in the head to our nation’s labor force. Happy Labor Day!

It seems everyday, our president does something that horrifies everyone in the world, except his small group of tank-top wearing, swastika waving, meth smoking supporters. Is it ignorance or just greed? Trump lives for attention and praise. Though his fan base is dwindling, Trump knows that without them, he would be nothing. The most troubling concern Trump deals with, is how to remain loyal to his core supporters. Calling the KKK member sweet, removing us from the Paris Accord, building the Wall, and destroying the Dream Act are all things done to appease his core supporters.

In addition, all of those things harm our country significantly. We just need to wait for the next president to rectify the destruction that Trump has sprinkled our country. However, you can follow this burnt trail of ashes well before Donald Trump. Republicans have been denying you and your children precious liberties for a long time. If Trump, like a president should, was really trying to help this country, he would do things much differently. All our president cares about is himself and his image.

I remember when scary Mitch McConnell said,

“The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

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For eight years, Republicans voted against Obama on everything. Literally. When Hurricane Sandy struck, Republicans actually voted against sending aid to repair the cracked roofs over little-impoverished children. Disgusting. Especially relevant was the fight they put up to prevent you and your children from getting healthcare! They even got half of America (the uneducated ones) to support them in preventing their children from getting healthcare. It was like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber.

The first thing Trump did in office was bomb Syria. He made quite a statement on the world scene, that Trump was no nonsense. Republicans celebrated and were giving each other high fives. But what about in 2013, when Obama tried to get approval from Congress to bomb Syria. A whopping 243 congressional members voted against Obama’s measure. HuffingtonPost article

Ill end this tear-jerking article on a somber thought. Consequently, imagine an America without Republicans actively trying to worsen your lives. Imagine Obama had his two terms, just signing legislation after legislation making our lives better. Imagine we didn’t have Trump and his gang of hoodlums obliterating our global financial leadership. That sure would be the world I’d like to be in. Instead, our country has been hijacked by Republicans.

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