Trump’s plan all along had been to feed off the hatred of America. First, the hatred had to be inflamed. Russia assisted Trump by infiltrating our media. According to social media giants like Facebook, Russian spies started thousands of groups on social media, posing as different organizations all with the same intent, to turn Americans against each other. The Daily Beast reported that the same group of Russian spies that organized pro-Trump rallies also took the identity of a U.S.-based Muslim nonprofit organization for more than one year on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The group falsely alleged that Osama bin Laden was a C.I.A. agent and that Hillary Clinton and John McCain created the Islamic State. How do you think uneducated people living in deep south rural communities felt when they read these articles? Of course they were enraged. How dare these Muslims say such terrible things about my leaders! Of course, this fury made them respect Donald Trump more, considering his central campaign issue was to kick these “terrorists” out of our country. And now, the Russians have planted their own puppet in the White House!

Russian’s takeover of American society is worse than a bomb. The devastation of a bomb can be repaired. Scars heal and ashes blow away. Animosity can not be brushed aside. How do you repair the implanted hatred of a society? Look what it did to Germany. Now, they are considered the leaders of our world, but look at the trail of ashes and devastation the Nazis left. Trump’s plan was to bring our country to a similar state of crisis.

Despite Putin’s attack on our country, President Trump has only the most amicable affection towards him. This tweet from 2013, sums up Trump’s Putin crush perfectly. Trump yearned to be Putin’s best friend! Since then, Trump has repeatedly toyed with the idea of improving relations with Russia. In August 2016, when Hillary Clinton accused Trump of aiming to befriend Russia, he responded: “And I’m saying to myself, what’s wrong with that? That’s good.”

To the simple mind, that is a great idea. Instead of being enemies with Russia, why not friends? This was the sentiment echoed by millions of Trumpkins across the country. However, there is a good reason why every leader in the western world dislikes Putin.

“Chancellor Merkel is the most steadfast custodian of the concept of the liberal West going back 70 years,” said Strobe Talbott, who was President Bill Clinton’s leading adviser on Russia, “and that makes her Putin’s No. 1 target.” NYTimes

Not only do Putin and Trump have a great relationship, not only did Putin help Trump win the election, but both of them are also on the same mission to turn Americans against each other. According to Facebook, Russians bought ads supporting Black Lives Matter and targeted the cities of Baltimore and Ferguson. At the time, these cities were especially ripe with racial tension. The ads made it seem that Black Lives Matter members were threatening the public. How do you think KKK Trump supporters reacted after seeing those advertisements? Undoubtedly they were angry. Trump’s plan worked as symphonic as the devil’s orchestra.

As if the two leaders coordinated their battle strategies perfectly, Trump also has soared to power by turning Americans against each other. If any one disagrees with that statement, they are living under a rock. According to his ex wife Ivana, Donald Trump studied Hitler’s rise to power. He modeled his campaign after Hitlers’ to a tee. Trump campaigned on kicking Hispanics or Muslims out of the country.

According to a Newsweek article, hate crimes against Muslims have soared under Trump. When the president convinces people that Muslims are plotting to blow up their child’s school, of course there will be retaliation. Trump has monopolized this hatred and has used it to sneak into the White House. As a result of Trump’s plan, half of America feel that the two biggest threats to their livelihood, are Muslim terrorists and Hispanic illegal labor. To them, the best chance of removing these threats was getting Trump into office.

Hitler was elected upon similar hate mongering.

God save America.