Irony is always bittersweet. What looks like the most dependable vehicle ever made, breaks down and wont get you down the block. What could be more ironic than the same house that chubby baby Trump grew up in, is now filled with refugees?

The three-story Tudor-style home in the Queens neighborhood of Jamaica Estates that Trump’s father, Fred, built in 1940 is now a rental available on Airbnb that anyone can stay in for $725 a night. It was auctioned off to an unidentified buyer in March for $2.14 million, the second time it was up for auction. NBC article

The organization Oxfam purchased baby Trump’s home. Oxfam is an international anti-poverty organization. Here is their honorable mission,

Oxfam’s mission is to create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and injusticeWe uphold human rights and help people engage directly in the crucial decisions that affect their lives. An end to poverty is more than wishful thinking: the proportion of the world’s people who are living in extreme poverty has been halved in just 15 years. 

President Trump was elected on his anti-immigration platforms. Once he became president, Trump even issued travel bans on six Muslim countries. Despite the fact that America was built by immigrants, Trump convinced America that immigrants steal jobs and commit terrorism. Suddenly, the President of the United States was encouraging hatred towards specific ethnic groups.

The immigrants walked around the house, not quite sure how to react to the fact that Donald Trump slept in that bed and sat in that chair. They all know that Donald Trump’s number one legislative ambition is to send them back to their homelands, where they would most likely be killed.

Ghassan al-Chahada is a a 41 year old Syrian refugee.

I would advise him to remember, to think about how he felt when he slept in this bedroom,” al-Chahada said. “If he can stay in tune with who he was as a child, the compassion children have and the mercy, I would say he’s a great person. NBC