About two weeks ago, the House passed a massive $15,25 billion hurricane relief package for Texas. The bill went through easily, 316-90. Texas representative Joe Barton, was only one of the 90 republicans to vote against helping Texas hurricane victims. More astonishingly, Mr. Barton was only one of four Texas congressmen to vote against the relief package. You read that right! Four Texas congressmen voted against supplying aid to the people that voted them into office.

Here is the real shocker!

A bipartisan task force was assembled to be in charge of the recovery effort. Who do you think they chose to head this force? Out of the hundreds of congressmen to choose from, Texas representative Joe Barton is leading the force.

Barton voted against the relief package because it was tied to an increase in the debt ceiling. He is also a staunch advocate for the fossil fuels industry.

“As much as I want to help Texas, I can’t vote for something that’s a blank check on the debt,” Barton told the Star-Telegram.

Republicans could defend him all they want, but fundamentally, Barton is implying that it is more important to keep money away from welfare recipients than it is to help his drowning neighbors.

According to Barton’s statement, the most important job for his task force will be “cutting bureaucratic red tape“, that may hinder recovery efforts. The task force will also make suggestions for future disaster planning.

There has to be a lot of people in Texas who feel betrayed by Barton. This is the politician that you put in office, and now he is one of the only congressmen, out of hundreds, to vote against providing you with aid!

Ironically, Barton is considered the leader of Texas delegation. He said,

“I am not against voting for relief programmes to help hurricane victims,” Mr Barton said in a statement at the time. “But I am against raising the public debt ceiling without a plan to reduce deficits in the short term, and eliminate them in the long term.”

Is this the kind of logic we want controlling relief efforts for hurricane victims! How long will it take for a low income victim to get his home replaced? Very long, I’d say. Let’s put those victims in our prayers, that they will be protected from republican’s greed.