Taxes are all republicans care about. The republican 2018 fiscal budget restructures the IRS, so that they devote more of their resources on chasing working poor tax cheats. Especially under republican governance, IRS and other government agencies, are working on stripped budgets. Therefore, if they have to concentrate on small-time crooks, the IRS will have less money to spend on auditing the very rich.

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Ensuring that their uber-wealthy buddies will spend less in taxes and get back larger refunds is the only reason that they are in office. They will insist that they are fighting against gay marriage or immigration or legalization, but those topics are just to inflame their base, and get them to the voting booth. The politician don’t care about any of those topics. Remember creepy republican hero Larry Craig? Former senator from Idaho was the biggest opponent of gay marriages. As a result, bible thumping republicans loved Larry Craig. That is, until he was busted in an airport bathroom stall trying to get some gay sex before his flight.

Even our president is proof that republicans don’t practice what they preach. Trump was elected on his anti-immigration views. According to Trump’s campaign, all Hispanics and Muslims will be kicked out of the country as soon as he got into office. Also, American businesses could only hire Americans. Such a patriotic demand got him elected. His resorts though are stocked with foreign visas from all over the world. A stroll through any of his resorts is like the international Epcot exhibit.

Apparently, this doesn’t bother republicans. They knew Trump only hired foreign workers (and he still does) and they still voted for him. But this latest tax debacle will hit his voters were it hurts – in their wallets. Paul Ryan’s budget will change the IRS so that it is much more difficult, nearly impossible, for Trump supporters to file their taxes. As a result, high income individuals will be ignored, allowing them to easily commit massive tax evasion.

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When this budget passes, low income Trump supporters, will have to perform a lot more administrative work to qualify for that Earned Income Tax Credit. In addition, refunds will only be made once the IRS verifies every filer’s income. That would take a long time. We’re talking about verifying 28 million tax returns.

Such delays mean catastrophe for some working poor families that use these returns for utility bills and food. These same families will have to go on food stamps. Essentially, the republican budget will cost the tax payer more. The amount the government will lose as a result of not shaking down the wealthy tax cheats will also be immense. In fact, administrative costs in investigating the average EITC claim, which is about $2,842, is hardly enough to cover the costs, NYMag article.

Just another reason that will make the average Trumpkin regret voting republican.