Teresa Jo Burchfield has definitely had a bad week. Last Tuesday, she was spotted fornicating with an inmate in the parking lot of Virginia’s Fauquier County Adult Detention Center. That alone makes for a bad day. But then, she was propelled into a lot more trouble when they exited the vehicle and the inmate handed police a bag of pills, cigarettes and vitamin supplements, Fauquier article. According to the police report, Teresa had given her boyfriend this paraphernalia.

I’m sure the reader needs to reread that paragraph a few times. The paragraph provokes a lot more questions than answers. Alas, it gets much weirder.

Turns out the person Teresa was fornicating with was her boyfriend. But she is married to conservative legal icon Bobby Burchfield. In January, President Trump appointed Bobby Burchfield as outside ethics adviser to his Revocable Trust. This trust is used solely to deflect scrutiny over Trump’s ties with his mega empire, TheDailyBeast article. Thanks to Bobby Burchfield, President Trump is able to maintain his business while being president of the United States. Trump must thank his lucky stars for Bobby Burchfield.

Now a plethora of new questions have undoubtedly spewed into the reader’s mind.

Teresa is 53 and her boy toy is 23. The unidentified inmate was performing work outside the facility. According to a report, she had been meeting with the inmate in the romantic setting of a police facility parking lot for a month. Whatever happened to dinner and a movie?

Burchfield has worked for Republican presidents for decades. He is a member of the prestigious Republican National Lawyers Association. He served on President George H.W.’s 1992 reelection campaign, worked for President George W. Bush during the vote recount debacle, and also worked for the younger Bush’s Antitrust Modernization Commission. He also chaired Crossroads GPS, Karl Rove’s Republican advocacy group, and testified before the Supreme Court on behalf of the Republican National Committee. TheDailyBeast article

Think of what Bobby Burchfield is going through right now. His wife caught sleeping with her inmate boyfriend in a parking lot, where she sneaks him pills. How do you live that one off? I wouldn’t wish this humiliation on anyone. But if I was forced to pick one person, who had to endure this baseless embarrassment, Bobby Burchfield would be high on that list. Bobby Burchfield has been at the helm of every Republican crime that we know of. He doesn’t commit the crimes rather his actions are much more despicable. He covers these up crimes and defends the disgusting Republicans while they steal from our country.

These disgusting people are so hypocritical! Granted, the article is about the guy’s wife. But still, what sort of person would be married to such filth! What does that say when our president employs this man’s services to camouflage his crimes?