The morning after the election I felt this unnerving misery. It was vicious. Snake oil salesman Donald Trump was just elected president. Plus, the entire government was republican. Two bit hustler Donald Trump was just granted unconditional authority to rape, pillage and burn our country. He had free rein. No one would stop him. However, he would not get very far. Thank our founding fathers, for devising our government with checks and balances to prevent a dictator like Donald Trump from obliterating us.

Ten months later, we are still standing here, the sun still rises, and the government is still ticking. It appears as if Donald Trump is unable to get anything passed. Each of his nefarious schemes lay withered at his feet. In fact, described Trump’s first year as The Worst 1st Year of Foreign Policy Ever. At least all of us, who argued Trump would be the worst president of all times, have been proven correct. Just watching the orange buffoon stumbling around the White House is comical at best and petrifying at worse.

Some Republicans have opposed Donald Trump. But for the wrong reason. Most of them, like Rand Paul, just block Trump’s policies because they feel they are not conservative enough. There are some republicans like John McCain, who are battling Trump on everything. Few heroes as admirable as them exist. They mean well, but thanks to our checks and balances, they are not our last resort.

“I can’t support a bill that keeps 90% of Obamacare in place,” Paul tweeted.

Our true savior is the government’s checks and balances. Our country was designed to prevent a tyrant like Donald Trump, from destroying us. Thanks to the checks and balances of our government, all of Trump’s half-ass decrees are at the mercy of other wings of government. This is why the only thing Donald Trump will get done in office, is to incite Americans and make us hate each other.

Checks and balances saves the day.

If Trump’s laws are considered unconstitutional, then they could be fought in court. The court system has discarded almost every hillbilly campaign promise that Trump made. His travel ban for example, is rejected by every court that it enters. The travel ban is an extreme example, because it so clearly defies everything our country was founded on. Even if they agree with Trump, approving the travel ban would be defying our constitution. Immigration can’t be decided on race and religion. Articles like this, from the Washington Post, is why Donald Trump’s legislation is the epitome of evil, President Trump’s refugee ban is splitting our family apart.

When Trump deprived funding to sanctuary cities, district court judges ruled against it. According to this BusinessInsider article, in order to build his fantastical wall Trump would have to actually seize privately owned land in Texas. The article predicts years of court cases regarding Texas property owners. The article also predicts the land seizures would make Texas turn against Republicans. All of his ideas are killed in court.

Ten months into this shit-storm, and Trump does not have one achievement to boast. Such a feat is remarkable, considering that the entire government is republican. Thanks to our government’s checks and balances, to date, Trump’s only achievement was captured when he worked with Democrats to save DACA. That is it. You can’t count his Supreme Court judge nomination, because that should have been Obama’s choice.

When Trump began his reign, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) detailed this really ambitious “200-day agenda“. According to Paul Ryan’s wet dreams, in Trump’s first 200 days he was going to repeal Obamacare, overhaul our tax system, fund the magical wall, and lay out this impressive infrastructure package. They were like giddy little school children on the first day of summer. Trumpkins across the nation were equally excited. They were convinced that change was gonna come!

Check out what New York Rep. Chris Collins said when Ryan released his agenda. You could detect how ecstatic and hopeful he was, just by what he said. Pathetic.

It’s the president and his administration working hand and glove with the speaker and the majority leader. It’s going to be hard. We’re going to be doing controversial things. The speaker’s message was, ‘None of this is going to be easy, and we’re going to be attacked by somebody regardless of what we do, so let’s buckle our seat belts and understand we have an obligation here.

Just a few months later, and none of those ambitions in the “200 day agenda” made it through. In response to their terrible failure, the House Republicans said that they “passed more bills” than recent presidents.

“The Republican-led House has passed 269 bills, making it the most productive during a first-term presidency in the modern-era.”
— House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), in a tweet, July 12, 2017

The Washington Post investigated this bold and brash statement. As usual, it was nothing more than republicans tap dancing across the stage. Instead of enacting laws that would make the public proud that they voted for them, republicans twist around the truth and present a lie, which makes them seem not so bad.

Turns out a spokeswoman for Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) said these numbers, proving that Republicans under Trump have been so productive, were calculated by Quorum Analytics. Rep. Kevin McCarthy actually provided all Republican House members with this bogus information. One clever trick that Quorum’s report employed, was by counting the number of bills passed since the beginning of the year, not when Trump came into office. About 22 bills were passed in the House in January before Trump became president. Quorum also delineated the most “productive” House not by counting bills passed, but rather amount of pages that all of the bills total.

Trump’s crazy campaign promises are why he is president. He was the first presidential candidate to offer these forgotten demographics the sun and the moon. Trump promised to kick out different religions and ethnic groups. He also promised to build a wall. Such promises were incredibly impractical. Not easy to find people who actually believed such lies. As Trump said, “I love the poorly educated.”

But his rise might also be his fall. Now, Trump wants to fulfill his campaign promises. Or at least, make it seem as if his trying to fulfill his campaign promises. Thankfully, as a result of our nation’s checks and balances, none of Trump’s campaign promises will be delivered.