When Bernie mentioned a “free education”, republicans thought it was the most hilarious idea they had ever heard. In a country as conservative as America, ‘populists’ and ‘socialists’ are four letter words! The thought of handing out an education as carelessly as the government hands out welfare or food stamps, defied every conservative ideology. Republicans scoffed at the thought of free education almost as much as they disliked Bernie’s healthcare for all, but nothing was as terrible as his $15 minimum wage.

Although every other industrialized nation uses single-payer, republicans convinced us that it would never work here. They actually convinced their minions to vote against healthcare for their children! It isn’t a question of populists, rather survival. No one should pay for someone else’s healthcare, republicans contended. Though their argument falls flat on it’s nose, when a homeless person has a heart attack. Because he doesn’t have healthcare, the hospital will cover his care. As a result, that hospital will raise prices to compensate for the uncovered treatment.

It makes no sense.

However, it seems as if we are crawling out from beneath our rock. Gradually, more people are realizing the benefits of populist platforms adopted by Bernie. These platforms are also adopted by every industrialized nation in the world….except us. Bernie needs to take a lot of credit for this rude awakening. But more democratic politicians are gradually hopping aboard the Bernie healthcare train.

Four years ago, Bernie introduced his universal healthcare plan. Not one other politician attached their name to the bill. A few weeks ago, Bernie introduced a similar bill. This time, 16 democratic senators signed on as co-sponsors.

What do we have to credit this change?

Bernie came close to winning the presidency, but he lost. So, to say that America loved Bernie so much, we are adopting all of his policies, seems bizarre, considering that he lost. A more likely explanation is the political climate. The democrats were decimated during the last elections. We have to change our bagpipes.

Over the past ten years, America has become more left. Gay marriage and drug legalization would never have happened under a traditionalist conservative. Plus, Trump’s efforts to remove Obama’s legislation, like the Affordable Care Act and Obama’s immigration policies, have caused large spread protests. America refuses to return to the 1950’s.

Bernie deserves a lot of the credit for the social revolution going on in America now. Are we turning populists because of Bernie or is there something else to blame?

One former state-party chairman calls him “a uniquely destructive force”, more interested in tearing the party down—he is, after all, not even a Democrat—than helping to build it. TheEconomist

Even republican voters are split right down the middle on their support of Bernie’s healthcare proposal.

For                                                 Against

Republicans           47%                                                45%

Tea Party                50%                                                49%

Conservative HotAir summed up the poll quite nicely:

“A lot of Republicans want their free sh*t too. God forbid Trump figures that out.”

You see, Sander’s legacy has left more than just universal healthcare. $15 minimum wage is another priority that when introduced few democrats, including Hillary, were eager to embrace. I’ll bet my left pinky that none of these Bernie ideas get through a republican congress. What does that matter though? Everyone wants “free sh*t”. You’d have to be a moron to vote against free healthcare for yourself and a free education for your kid. Even an uneducated Trumpkin would vote democratic for that. The next democratic that endorses such populism will win by a large number.

Populist platforms like free healthcare, $15 minimum wage and a free education, are possible. The entire industrialized world practices such populism. We can do it. The bottom line is that some people stand to lose A LOT of cash, if the government gets involved into education and healthcare. Coincidentally, those same people are the ones that contribute to republican politicians.

As usual. republicans ignore you and your kid, and instead, allow their big money contributors to write their legislation.