As Hurricane Irma barrels into South Florida, desperation is thick in the air. Some people don’t have homes to go to, or perhaps they were evacuated from their homes near water. Times like this, everyone needs to help out. Someone who owns as much property as Donald Trump could save a significant number of people during hurricane season. Most owners of hotels or resort, do not think twice about helping those less fortunate. They open their facilities to any weary refugee seeking shelter from the storm. Most warm blooded specimens could not sleep easily knowing that they could help other people, maybe even save their lives, but had chosen not to.

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago lavish resort in Palm Beach, was evacuated on Friday. Hence, the ritzy resort is empty. All the ballrooms and swanky dining halls and tropical swimming pools are all empty. With one little phone call, Trump could start busing hundreds of people into his resort.

Many people show up at these hurricane shelters only to be told that there is no room. Children are left walking in the rain, while Trump roasts marshmallows in his penthouse at Trump Towers. How could he look at his orange face in the mirror? Disgusting!

Shockingly, Trump has refused to turn Mar-a-Lago into a shelter.

Mattie Davis would have liked to have been able to lay low in Mar-a-Lago. She did not have many options. She was going to drive up to Orlando but thinks that could be bad as she reviews Irma forecasts. Her sister invited her to Savannah, Ga., but how safe would that coastal city be? The 33-year-old school bus driver from Miami suburbs packed her three kids, grandmother and mother in a car and began driving to Atlanta. USAToday article

To make it even more difficult for Floridians such as Mattie, there are gas shortages in Broward and Miami Dade. Who knows what destruction will rain on Florida in just a few hours.

Ironically, Mar-a-Lago’s flood insurance is paid by the same people that Trump would rather die than seek shelter at his resort. The National Flood Insurance Program provides affordable insurance to properties in dangerous areas that private insurers would not insure. Rich people that live on water take advantage of this government hand out. 

It is less expensive than the private insurance company rate would be. This is accomplished either by the program running a deficit and borrowing money or by subsidies from the national government. Either way, the property owners with NFIP policies are receiving government subsidies to live in areas with high flood risk. “Overwhelming risk: Rethinking flood insurance in a world of rising seas” (PDF). Union of Concerned Scientists

As a result, Trump can pay the “full risk” rate up to a certain amount. The National Flood Insurance Program was set to expire at the end of the month, until Trump extended it until December. Trump sneaked that little stipulation in the $15 billion disaster relief package that he just signed. DailyDot

Mar-a-Lago is paid through tax payer money, that tax payer elected Donald Trump president, but Trump won’t lift a finger to spare that tax payer any grief. It isn’t like opening the doors to Mar-a-Lago would cost Trump anything. Even if, god forbid, the refugees vomit on his carpet or clog up his toilets, the good publicity earned, would pay back damages ten fold! God knows Donald Trump could use some good publicity and turning Mar-a-Lago into a shelter from the storm, would do just that.