Trump began working with democrats regarding hurricane relief and debt limit. Republicans were shell shocked, that Trump would turn his back on his own party and start working with democrats. And then, Trump called Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and asked what he should do about DACA. And then he followed her advice!

As a result, Trump has his first legislative accomplishment.

Pelosi told House Democrats at a closed-door she spoke to Trump via phone Thursday morning and urged him to reassure those protected in the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, two sources said. Trump initiated the phone call to Pelosi, they said. TheDailyBeast article

When Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are happy, Republicans are pissed. This Newsweek article, entitled TRUMP IS NOW WORKING WITH DEMOCRATS TO RUN THE COUNTRY. WILL IT LAST?, really sums up the Republican reaction. They are furious.

Let me remind the reader of a few things. First of all, the most important thing to Trump is to be loved. I have written many articles about this. This narcissistic disease is behind every one of his demented decisions. When the President of the United States commented that white supremacists are swell people, although his children are Jewish, the entire world was perplexed. However, when taken into account that Trump’s only remaining supporters are white supremacists, it begins to make sense.

More than anything else, Trump wants to be considered a great president. That won’t happen if he keeps working with the party of obstruction. Republicans even obstructed relief to hurricane victims.

Second of all, Trump has been a Democrat his whole life. During the primaries, his children were unable to vote for their father, because they were all registered Democrats, WashingtonPost. What do you think is going on in that huge orange cranium of his now? For the very first time, President Trump has to feel good because of his accomplishment, which was handed to him by working with the party that he and his family always identified with. Trump has tried working with Republicans, but every time has ended in failure, such as healthcare.

My first two points sort of contradict each other. Republicans may argue, that if it is so important for Trump to be liked, siding with the Democrats would turn away his alt-right supporters. This is not necessarily true. Trump has a very loyal fan base. Trump even said that he could shoot someone, and they would still idolize him. This fan base was initially drawn to Donald Trump cause he was so unlike the typical Republican. Many of his initial supporters had never voted before. They did not consider themselves republican or democrat. They hated both parties equally. If their orange messiah actually began scoring achievements, the Trump supporter’s unbridled pride would not care if he was working with democrats.

Republicans are the only ones furious over Trump’s working with Democrats.

“For the Republican leadership to keep thinking Donald Trump is on their team is like Charlie Brown letting Lucy hold the football,” said Matthew Continetti, editor-in-chief of the Washington Free Beacon. “Have people not been watching Donald Trump for two years?” Politico article

Could it be that Trump is actually a Democrat in disguise? I wrote so many articles about this topic. He needed Republicans to get elected. But now, he has learned that working with them, just makes him America’s most hated person. Trump doesn’t want everyone to hate him. He just found a way to possibly make America love him.