The world was stunned when Trump agreed to a deal with the democrats about our nation’s immigrants. After all, immigration was the single platform that propelled him to the White House.  There were millions of Trumpkins at his rallies, cheering every time Trump said how he would kick out the Hispanics and the Muslims. Apparently, that was all hook and bait. He hooked all of those conservative voters and lured them right in! As a result of Trump’s backstabbing, his base is furious with him. However, Trump doesn’t care. His tax deal is right around the bend. Perhaps if he forces a big enough grin on the democrat’s face, some of them might back his tax deal.

At least, them Trumpkins now have proof that they were tricked. Trump only cared about saving himself money. For anyone to think Trump cares about anything else, means a severe lack of intelligence. Trump only hires foreigners, because that saves him money. Why would he invoke a law that costs him and his buddies millions of dollars? I doubt one person with a triple digit IQ fell for that one. Practically in every one of my articles, I have said that the single most important thing to Trump (and to all republicans) is taxes. What more could Trump care more about than saving himself, his family and his buddies money? Any day of the week, Trump would prefer to hoard a few trillion dollars for him and his drinking buddies than to let it improve our education, infrastructure and country. According to a CNBC article, that figure could be two trillion dollars.

Trump is rolling across the White House lawn, kicking his feet in the air, amazed that a single person fell for his treachery, let alone the most powerful country in the world! The guy was a democrat his whole life. Trump despises bible thumping Mike Pence and staunch conservative Mitch McConnell, while considers fellow New Yorker Chuck Schumer, a friend. For anyone to fall for Trump’s 15 month conservative guise, I have a bridge in China I’d like to sell. After the dinner between him, Trump, and Pelosi, Chuck Schumer was even overheard saying how “He likes me.”

You see yesterday, how he reiterated his ‘both sides’ comment, about Charlottesville? After all the anger he ignited by calling Nazis good people, he repeats it! Why? Could it be, to remind his devoted fan base that he is still with them, despite his democratic alliance? Do you think? He must think his base are all morons. Is a human mind really that malleable? The effects or propaganda are really quite astounding.

He is like little Miss Popular, whispering one thing in one ear, and the exact opposite into another “friend”. Smoke and mirrors, is how our president operates. As soon as you figure out his romper room mentality, it all makes sense. By electing him, our country has proven, that we will continue to fall for his masquerade.

Don’t blame him.

Blame the fools that fell for his tricks.