For me, Inauguration Day was depressing. I was still reeling over the election. Plus, these storm clouds were raging all around my head. I knew this country was in for a rocky ride. The fact that a man could be elected president while he was being sued for stealing tuition money from little high school students and sexually molesting women, was quite appalling. I kept questioning the identity of my country.

Not everyone shared my sentiments though. Trump supporters were convinced a glorious change was about to unfold. Undoubtedly, the happiest people in the country, were the members of Donald Trump’s “inauguration committee”. We’ll get to who they are further in the article. The committee took in $107 million.  A fortune compared to what was spent on either of the Bushes’, Clinton, or Obamas’!

To maximize the amount of money the “inauguration committee” could collect, after the elections, Donald Trump got rid of caps on individual contributions. Plus, anyone willing to pay seven figures to attend this Chuck E. Cheese jamboree was given “exclusive access”.

Trump built up the celebrations. Everyone was expecting The Rockettes on acid. Trump’s “inauguration committee” claimed that the concert costs a whopping $25 million. Remember that Obama’s inauguration, which is considered the greatest ever, was $5 million. America was looking forward to a good show. Maybe something good could come of his presidency. But even that turned out to be a fat lie.

According to an AP report, this “inauguration committee” spent $25 million on a pre-inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial. That might look impressive on paper, but in reality it confused a lot of people. For starters, Obama had his pre-inaugural concert at the same place eight years ago, with much better acts, and 40 times as many people. Obama’s pre-inauguration event was more spectacular than Trump’s, though only one-fifth the cost!?


Despite Trump’s insistence that his inauguration was the largest celebration since the Beatles arrived, much of that $107 went unspent. Tally up all of the receipts to that shitty inauguration and you don’t have anything near $107 million.

As a result, the press began inquiring about this massive amount of money. The inauguration committee admitted they didn’t spend all the money, so they said they would give the leftover to charity. Eight months later, there has been no word about the money. They also announced that in April, they would proudly broadcast which lucky charities got the money. As of five months ago, Trump’s “inauguration committee” was still trying to figure out what to do with the money.

A little research on the internet revealed the lucky people that Trump chose to man his “inauguration committee”. I assure everyone who reads these names will roll their eyes. These people didn’t know a thing about inauguration day, they just donated a lot of money to Trump’s campaign. Even before Trump got into office, and already his buddies are profiting!

The chairman of Trump’s “inauguration committee” was Thomas J. Barrack Jr, a real estate investor, Colony Capital founder and a great friend of Trumps’.

The co-chairs are Lewis Eisenberg and Roy Bailey. Lewis is a financier and investor. Trump thinks so highly of him, that Lewis will be the next ambassador to Italy! Roy Bailey is a Texas businessman. He was previously Texas state co-finance chair for the Trump campaign.

We will drain the swamp in Washington, D.C., and replace it with a new government, of, and by, and for the people.

………….and my name is Grizzly Adams!

Other notable names in this committee are casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and his wife, America real estate businessman Steve Wynn, oil tycoon Harold Hamm, coal business man Joe Graft, Gail Icahn and Carl Icahn. Check out the entire list.

I’m sure Trump and his buddies are certain, that by the time Trump goes on trial, his list of offenses will be so enormous, no one will remember inauguration day. Granted, all of this money came from Trump’s wealthy (and gullible) buddies, still it should be accounted for. They could have just invested it all for a year. In the right hedge fund, that $107 million would be looking very sweet!