Trump became president to provide a tax break for him and his buddies and their corporations. Trump doesn’t care about fixing the world’s injustices or bringing happiness to our country, he just wants to save himself money. Nothing else matters. In that case, Trump’s tax plan is why he is in the White House.

Upon reading that paragraph, I’m sure most Trumpkins would argue that Trump has explicitly assured the country that “this is not a plan for the rich.” Trump said that, just a few days ago. However,

The top rate for the wealthiest Americans — the rate on any income above $418,000 a year — will fall from 39.6 percent to 35 percent, according to a report from Axios confirmed by The Washington Post. That alone could kill any Democratic support for the bill. It could also hurt Trump. He campaigned as a populist who would fight for the little guy, a message he has continued to push in the White House. WashingtonPost article


You could bet your bottom dollar that Trump will make out like a bandit. Most people’s taxes will go down by a few percentage points. Of course, 4% for me will be a fun Saturday night. 4% for Trump and his comrades will mean millions of dollars less going towards our nation’s infrastructure and education. The fact that our president is pushing for a tax policy that would allow him to contribute significantly less to our country should petrify most people.

Everyone’s taxes will go down, except those on the very bottom wrung of the income ladder, those who make less than $9,325 a year. People in that financial stratosphere will have their tax rate raise from 10% to 12%. Not much, but collectively, Trump expects that amount to provide a bit for the tremendous tax break for him and his family.

Donald Trump has called his plan the “biggest tax cut in history.” A big American tax cut is a puzzling quagmire. Considering, we already pay a very low tax rate compared to other industrialized nations, why would our president falsely claim we pay more than we do?

I’m sure every republican reading this will insist these graphs are fake news. If they are true, than that means our president is lying to us right to our faces when he insists that America is the highest taxed country in the world. However, these graphs are sourced from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The OECD is an  intergovernmental economic organization with 35 member countries. This means that if these charts are wrong, than all the nation’s listed are complicit in the lie. Very unlikely. If it is true, however, than President Trump is lying. Plus, as the charts show, we pay near the bottom lowest amount of taxes in the world.

If Trump gets what he wants, that rate will even drop lower. Welfare, education, performing arts, policemen and firemen and more, will shoulder a lack of funds, while Donald and Ivanka sip Mai-Tais on the beach.

I doubt anyone in the country understand the ins and outs of of our tax policy as thoroughly as Donald Trump. If he knows anything, it is about his taxes. For him to erroneously claim we pay the highest rate in the world, when we pay almost the lowest, makes you wonder what our president really cares about, funding for our schools and roads, or saving himself money.