This week, Trump said that he has prepared measures that would punish companies that globally outsource jobs. The bill would both reward companies that keep jobs in America, but also punish companies that hire overseas, Yahoo article. This is just another headline to satisfy his base. There aren’t bigger crowd- pleasers than, ‘I’m gonna keep all jobs in America.’ That got him some huge applause during the campaign. And today, such assurances will certainly maintain his base, as well as his future Trump TV viewership.

However, closer scrutiny of this campaign promise would reveal jarring question marks. Don’t get me wrong, hiring Americans is a noble thing. I wish more labels read ‘Made in America’. But us consumers better be ready to suffer the consequences. If US companies have to hire Americans and pay union wages, as opposed to manufacturing products overseas, where salaries are literally peanuts, like Trump’s daughter does, prices will soar. Will your patriotism direct you to pay twice the amount for a six pack because it was ‘Made in America’? I doubt it.

During one of his campaign speeches he said,

I’m going to bring jobs back from China, Mexico Japan, Vietnam. They are taking our jobs. They are taking our wealth. We have $2.5 trillion offshore. We’re going to bring that money back. You take a look at what happened just this week, China bought the Chicago Stock Exchange. Nabisco and Ford, they’re all moving out. We have an economy that last quarter didn’t grow. We have to make our economy grow again.

Take Trump Resorts, for example. I wrote several articles about Trump’s flagrantly hypocritical hiring practices. During the campaign, he kept preaching about keeping jobs in America. His base loved that. Who won’t applaud a nominee saying how jobs need to say in America? But while he was buttering up his supporters, his business practices were being exerted completely different. I wrote this article about Trump’s refusal to employ Americans. 

According to this QZ article, after Trump had become president, he still requested permission from the US Department of Labor to hire 64 foreign guest workers to work for him at his resorts. Isn’t that shocking?! The president of the United States, who campaigned on keeping jobs in the US, applied for foreign workers WHILE running for president! Imagine if Hillary did that?!!

But now, Trump wants to penalize companies that employ oversea workers. Such requirements would cost his daughter and himself whatever the penalty would be (which he interestingly decided to leave out of his speech). Both of them, benefit plenty from global outsourcing. My Ivanka article, describes how she tours the world speaking for women’s rights. Meanwhile, in China there are some factories that make her shoes, where the female workers have to work 15 hours a day.

That didn’t bother his supporters though.

Little puppets dancing across a stage.