In a few weeks, the first case of hundreds goes up before a judge regarding protests at the time of Trump’s inauguration. The government is charging all protesters with conspiracy. Conspiracy charges are not jaywalking. They could each potentially spend the next seventy years of their lives locked up.

The first case starts November 15 and involves a group of nine defendants. All succeeding cases will be against groups of defendants. The government’s strategy could be to make the defendants’ conflict each other, culminating in maximum sentence for all.

In the government’s defense, the protest in question was particularly destructive.

“There were windows breaking, chemicals in the air,” said Alex Stokes, another journalist who was arrested on the January 20, though the charges against him were later dropped. “The cops didn’t seem to have any control over the situation.” TheIntercept

However, this was nothing more than a group of rowdy protesters. Some  of Charles Manson’s buddies got out of jail sooner than seventy years. Trump’s intent, which would certainly get projected, is that the slightest protest against him would be severely punished. I would think twice about protesting, if the last guy who protested got seventy years in the Big House.

The government’s abuse of power against these protesters has been going on for months. In August, a District of Columbia judge ruled that an LA based Web host provider, had to provide digital data from a website used to organize Trump protests. LATimes

Since Trump wedged himself on his throne, in a span of just a few months, our country has changed dramatically, whether you think so or not. We can’t protest. Remember those morons protesting Obamacare? They wanted the government to stay out of our healthcare. They must be furious now! Look how pervasive the government has become under Trump!

What does that say about our country, and the liberties that countless people have died for, so that me and you could enjoy? And now Donald Trump wants to take them away? What have we become? I can’t express my beliefs out of fear of being locked up!

This is not the first time that Donald Trump has tried to strip away our fundamental rights and liberties. He is still trying to block Muslims and Hispanics from entering our country. Let’s say he builds the wall and then he stifles all Trump protests. If Trump initiates such changes, this will certainly be a different place from where I was born.

The real kick in the ass, is that Putin allegedly placed Trump in the White House. Why don’t you stick that in your pipe and smoke it?

1 – Trump is destroying the liberties of America.

2 – Putin assisted Trump in achieving power.

1 and 2 are facts. If 1 was the ultimate goal of 2, all Americans should be petrified.