If you were to ask Trump to list his presidential accomplishments, most likely he would be at a loss for words. After a long stretch of silence, in a fit of desperation, Trump may reply that he has shrank the size of government. Every republican would stand up and applaud such an accomplishment. The untrained eye would agree that Trump has made our government smaller. Countless jobs in countless government agencies have yet to be filled up. However, when the size of the government workforce is actually measured, that number is higher under Trump than it was under Obama. USAToday

Regardless, I’m sure Trump will continue bragging how he is shrinking the size of the government. After all, republicans are fanatical about that. Such a battle cry only strengthens his support. Tedious regulation, complex bureaucracy, and a big waste of money are things republicans feel are caused by such a massive government.

Coincidentally, if a politician would like to lower taxes for his wealthy donors, the easiest way to do that is to eliminate “government waste”. A smaller government requires less taxes. Programs that provide aid to poor people, is a great place to start slashing. In fact, several states with uber-conservative governors, have enacted laws to drug test recipients of welfare. Although studies prove that welfare recipients do not do drugs more than anyone else, the conservative voter eats those campaign platforms up.

If Trump’s proposed budget is any indicator, the government workforce is about to soar. $500 billion in defense spending and $200 billion in infrastructure spending, will require a lot of employees, USAToday.

Trump can do whatever he wants with the agencies of the federal government, but he has nothing to do with state governments. The country is just emerging from a recession. As a result, states have more money to spend. Trump could preach all he wants about how small the government is, but this will just be another example of a Trump lie.