Forbes dropped Donald Trump 92 spots on their list of the most wealthy people. That fact alone should be taken with a grain of salt, considering Trump refuses to release his tax returns. Essentially, the guy that sells spicy hot-dogs on the corner could be worth more than Trump. Sure, Trump has a lot of properties, but who knows how much he owes. I could own the Taj Mahal, but if I owe a penny more than the Taj Mahal is worth, I’m not very wealthy.

To determine Trump’s wealth, Forbes accounts only what they can at face value. They put a value on his real estate and his brands. Considering they are unable to see what he owes, Trump is obviously worth much less than Forbes recent figure.

Anyway, Trump takes a terrible tumble on Forbes list of most wealthy. Then, Forbes receives a strange message.

This message is for anyone in concern. I’m a supporter of Donald Trump. I love him and his very intelligent family. And this is like Forbes Magazine are in conspiracy to break this man financially, it seems. Donald Trump has more money than he ever had. So Forbes making noise about some three point something billion is fake news and therefore Forbes is on the drain-the-swamp list. Steve Bannon will make sure magazines and businesses like you will go down because Donald Trump is very intelligent, very handsome. His children are very beautiful, very handsome. They have the highest IQs than any racist or anybody in this county. And we love him, and he will continue to run this country, and his children will too. So fuck Forbes Magazine, and you can stick that fake news up your ass. GQ

I’d believe it, if Trump left the message himself, with his shirt pulled over the phone to disguise his voice. Considering the tremendous size of his ego, nothing is probably more damaging to Trump than having his net worth sink. After all, one guy in the White House, every morning, hands Trump a folder of praise-worthy articles about him,PoliticalHaze.

Trump has done very weird stuff like this before. Well, “someone” used to call New York social writers and say how they saw Donald Trump on a date with these famous beautiful movie stars. This “someone” called himself John Barron (yes, the same name Trump would later give to his son).

John Barron or John Miller became a great connection into the Trump industry. He would talk to reporters for a long time all about Donald Trump.

Have you met him?” Miller asked the reporter. “He’s a good guy, and he’s not going to hurt anybody. . . . He treated his wife well and . . . he will treat Marla well.  WashingtonPost

Also, I wrote a story a few months ago, when someone mysteriously dropped off a few pages of Trump’s taxes in the mailbox of some reporter. It was from 2005 and the tax returns showed that Trump paid $38 million in taxes and made more than $150 million.

Trump loves to play the media. It isn’t so strange to think that Trump, or someone Trump ordered, left this message. Most likely, Trump did not leave it. Let’s say one of his rabid supporters did. That is even scarier. If that was actually written by Trumpkin, and they really believe that Eric Trump is beautiful and brilliant and runs our country, that should petrify everyone.