Now, the party of lunacy is actually writing legislation to keep a Russian spy in the White House. The Tea Party transformed the Republican party from the party of conservatism to the party of lunacy. The emergence of the Tea Party made Republican primaries a contest of who was the most conservative. A candidate who seems the most outlandishly draconian, the more Republicans they will appeal to. This competition culminated in Donald Trump. No one was more conservative than him! (Although he was a democrat his whole life!) He actually campaigned on kicking Hispanics and Muslims out of the country! Such a platform was music to every Republican’s ears. That is like in Mussolini territory.

Donald Trump is all the proof I need for this argument. The religious right didn’t mind that this guy was the defendant in a class action for sexually molesting women AND another class action for defrauding little high schoolers of a college education. They don’t even care that a Russian spy could be working in the White House.

The real scary part is that the more despicable things that he does to our country, the more his supporters adore him. The adoration is compelled not through admirable legislation, rather the more the left repels Donald Trump the more his supporters respect him. Hence, everything Donald Trump does is win-win. If he does something terrible, like humiliate a prisoner of war or force Americans to pledge to a flag, his supporters will only love him more. The more scandalous and damaging things he does to our country, the more republicans worship him.

Take for example, Mueller’s senate investigation into the Trump Russia election fiasco. Countless investigations have already proven that Russia hacked our media in an attempt to sway the election towards Trump. What if Russia colluded with Trump to get him into the White House? This would undoubtedly be the most damaging attack on America. The thought of having a Russian spy in the White House should petrify every American.

However, republican lawmakers are actually trying as hard as they can to squash the Trump-Russia investigation. They would prefer that a Russian spy remain in the White House than, god forbid, an investigation reveals him. Representative Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) for example, filed an amendment to pull out funding for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation after 180 days. The amendment could block any investigations of events prior to the president’s campaign announcement in June 2015, according to The Hill.

Ironically, DeSantis demanded a special counsel be appointed to investigate Hillary Clinton’s email server. The same clown that is fighting to silence an investigation into a foreign power planting a Manchurian candidate into the White House, said “Aren’t the current extraordinary circumstances involving the investigation of former Secretary of State Clinton’s private email server the precise reason the special counsel option exists?”

You don’t have to believe me, just look at how the Republican romper room Fox News is covering Mueller’s investigation. Check out these Fox articles. How do you think their audience will feel about the investigation after reading such headlines?

Another Obama, Clinton donor joins Mueller’s legal team investigating Trump campaign

Gregg Jarrett: Trump won’t fire Mueller because the president did nothing wrong

Mueller team under fire for ‘brass-knuckle’ tactics in bid to squeeze Manafort

After a few months, his leadership skills seem to validate that he is trying to dismantle the government, as you would expect any honorable Russian spy to. I’ve written numerous articles about how Trump nominates parking attendants to head important governmental agencies. Many positions he has not even filled, leaving several government offices empty. Some of his nominees, like Betsy Devos, have spent their entire lives trying to destroy the agency they now head.

To think Americans, let alone elected officials, would enforce legislation to protect a Russian spy working in our government, let alone as president, should infuriate everyone. I guess their twisted mentality is, who cares if America is destroyed, as long as a Republican is president. What will they say the day that Trump is charged with treason? I wonder, not ‘will’ but ‘how’ will they defend him.