The corruption in Trump’s administration has no bounds. Every day another cabinet member is disgraced in scandal. Yesterday, Paul Manafort was indicted for conspiracy against America. If you are running for president, that isn’t the sort of company you’d like to be hanging around with. Astonishingly, Manafort used a bank owned by another Trump cabinet member to launder this money.

Manafort is facing charges that he laundered millions of dollars through overseas shell companies. Money laundering is when shady people conceal large sums of money, usually through foreign banks. So Paul Manafort got a lot of dirty Russian money, and he needs an overseas bank to hide it in. An overseas bank also allows him to avoid paying taxes. These are the people running our government! That’s where Wilbur Ross comes in. Wilbur Ross is Trump’s Commerce Secretary. He owns the bank in which Manafort hid all of his money.

It is a small world, after all.

A few months ago, I wrote this article about him, Wilbur Ross, Nominee for Commerce Secretary is the Worst of all Trump’s Nominees. The title speaks for itself. He is as filthy and deplorable as the most vile specimen.

Wilbur Ross made all of his money in steel. He is on the board of ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel producer. One of the Commerce Department’s most important jobs is to monitor and enforce the world’s steel supply and demand. Wilbur Ross has been secretly enriching his investments ever since Trump handed him his power. Wilbur Ross also is heavily invested in a Chinese-state-run power generator. Like our president, he prefers to hire foreign visas than Americans. In summary, not only does this guy provide a way for people to avoid paying taxes, but he also writes legislation that benefits himself financially. A typical president would arrest this guy, Trump grants him power.

According to DailyKos, Wilbur Ross owns the Bank of Cyprus. The same bank that Manafort hid the $12.7 million he stole from the Ukraine. Paul Manafort gets a lot of money. However, he doesn’t want to report it and pay a lot of taxes on it. Instead of contributing to our roads and schools and police officers, Paul Manafort hides it in Wilur Ross’ offshore bank. The real kicker is that both of them worked in the echelons of our president’s administration, offering advice and implementing legislation. If that doesn’t make you nauseous, you must have a really strong belly.

Even more disgusting, is that this dirty money, that Wilbur Ross helped Manafort hide, was earned by spreading Putin propaganda across Eastern Europe. NBC

Everything is starting to come together. Do you think it is just a coincidence that all of these Putin supporters happen to appear in Trump’s cabinet?


Request to Republican readers – Please do not doubt the validity of my story before Googling it. This is all true. Denial wont change the fact that you voted for a Russian spy.