Trump never expected to be elected president. I’ve always hypothesized that his ultimate goal was to amass a cult-like following and then start TrumpTV. Unfortunately for him, he was elected. Now, he is stuck in a lose-lose situation. If he continues to sculpt his legislation to appeal to his potential alt-right viewing base, the GOP will undoubtedly be voted out of office. In that case, he’d be a finger-lickin smoked candidate for impeachment. But, if he sides with the GOP then his beloved base will turn against him. Trump will never side with the GOP!

Disaster sits behind both doors. Trump must open one of them.

The Donald would have been so much better off, if he stayed out of politics!

His alt-right base is the crowd he is hoping will eventually subscribe to TrumpTV. After all, every single thing he does is to appease them. Whether it be praising the same White Supremacists that want to see his grandchildren dangling from a tree, or taking us out of the Paris Accord, or kicking out Muslims and South Americans from our country, or being the only world leader to “decertify” the Iran nuclear deal. These are just a speck of things that Trump does that astounds everyone in the country and the world. Everyone mind you, except his alt-right supporters. After doing SO MUCH to get them on his side, if Trump turns his back on them now and goes with the GOP, it would be a terrible waste.

If Trump keeps praising the KKK, everyone gets what they want. Trump gets his subscribers, Putin gets to watch America burn, and Bannon and Mercer get to see the Republican party die. Both Trump’s top contributor, Robert Mercer, and his “former” top adviser, Steve Bannon, despise the “republican establishment“. These guys are the messiahs of the alt-right. To them, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are just as bad as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. To them, there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. Trump’s top advisers long to see the US government burn. Trump was the perfect puppet to fulfill these anarchistic fantasies. Trump has no allegiance to republicans. In fact, Trump was a Democrat his whole life. His kids could not even vote for their dad in the primaries, because they were all registered Democrats!

Trump’s mission is to destroy the republicans. Even if he is threatened with impeachment, Trump would never side with his enemy. Who wouldn’t prefer to be a wealthy martyr as opposed to a vanquished sell-out?

It was so easy for Trump to get the alt-right in his pocket. Like taking candy from a baby. Granted, three years ago Trump was the epitome of what they hated about America. He was the embodiment of capitalism. Before the elections, he was best friends with the Clintons. He was invited to Chelsea’s wedding after all. A mere few months later, and now they think he walks on water. For Donald Trump, of all people, to now be the alt-right’s savior, shows two things:

  1. How easily they were duped.
  2. How deceptive The Donald is.

I could only dream the Democrats could destroy the Republican party as magnificently as Trump has done. Everything Trump does, from his outlandishly impractical nominations to his fascist legislation of kicking religions out of the country, is to destroy the Republican party. People who read my articles, know that I predicted this long ago. How did a little punk from Fort Lauderdale predict something that these brilliant politicians couldn’t see? Why didn’t Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell fight Trump when they could, instead of handing him the baton? I reckon they deserve to watch the elephant burn.

This gigantic light bulb just went on over the GOP’s heads. Suddenly, they realized that if they lose the House during this mid-term, then impeachment would become a lot easier. Just a few weeks from election, and NOW the Republicans speak of this impending doom? I reckon it’s too late to save Republicans in the upcoming election. As his mission proscribed, Trump has successfully shown to the world how utterly useless and hypocritical Republicans are. They have no chance. But Trump doesn’t care about Republicans.

Even if Trump did have enough time to save the Republicans, why would he? As he said, he hates everyone in the White House. The only semblance of success he has had, was working with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Remember those photographs of those meetings? Remember how happy he looks? Those are his friends.

What does it say about a Republican who voted for a guy, whose objective was to destroy the Republican party?

Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Here is a news flash. Trump does not hate veterans, and gays, and Hispanics, and Muslims, and women, and the bottom 98% as much as his presidential actions might make you think. Considering that Trump is the most powerful Republican, he is just trying to destroy the party from the inside.