President Trump has shown how far bragging will get you. As a result, he is President of the United States. If you say something enough times, eventually it is accepted. If you say a lie, it’ll make page one. A few weeks later, the truth may make page eight. Trump has proudly been broadcasting to the world how high his IQ is ever since the campaign. In fact, CNN found 22 different times that Trump proudly boasted to the world that he had the bestest IQ possible,

It is more than a playful joke to Trump. Trump has gotten this far by just saying whatever he wants. Maybe he feels, that if he just says he has a high IQ, then he will be considered smart.

Rex Tillerson called Donald Trump a ‘moron’. The two of them are like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber. Trump was pissed. That certainly got his gizzards drenched. He replied yesterday that his IQ is higher. There are so many psychological things wrong with that. There are also plenty of global problems, considering this is the leader of the free world we are talking about.

Mensa, the global association of really smart dudes, offered to test Trump and Tillerson, and officially determine whose IQ is higher. For all the talking Trump had done, I am shocked that he didn’t accept this challenge. But then, an astute observer may question if Trump’s IQ is high at all. After all, if you have such an inferiority complex that you constantly feel the urge to tell people you are smart, you can’t be that smart.

I think most “grown ups” are responsible enough to ignore such callous insults as “moron”. Isn’t it more indicative of intelligence, when someone, instead of claiming to have a higher IQ, just turns the other cheek? By ignoring such middle school playground tirades, someone shows that they are bigger and more “mature”.

Remember that everything Donald Trump does is for his base. When his presidency is up, considering he isn’t working on a chain gang, Donald Trump plans on starting Trump TV. Such a plan is a great way to financially benefit from his presidency. A third of the country worship Donald Trump. If a third of the country is watching his channel 24-7, that makes for massive ratings.

Trump TV explains the unexplainable. When Trump does something or says something “moronic”, it is to propel the adoration of his base. Trump was a democrat his whole life. His grand kids are Jewish. The only reason Trump respects the KKK, the same organization that would like to lynch his son-in-law, is to maintain a following for his television channel.

If that is true, what will Trump do about this Mensa IQ testing? Some Trump TV potential viewers might decide not to subscribe, if it turns out Trump is really dumber than a bag of bricks. Let’s watch his reaction. This’ll be hilarious, mos def!


Not even before I got the chance to publish this article, did Trump shrink away from the opportunity to prove what he has been boasting for years. According to CNN, Trump’s White House aides claimed that Trump “was only kidding”, about the IQ test. And that Tillerson has a high IQ. Not higher than Trumps’, but “high”! Oh well. I guess that officially puts an end to Trump’s IQ jokes.