Once upon a time, Republicans were god-fearing Americans. They all loved three things: their family, their god and their country. Republican politicians promoted this love affair and took advantage of it. Republican politicians just spoke about abortion and illegal immigration. Such topics inflamed all Republican minions, because it infused their loves. Who cares if I want to take away your child’s healthcare to supply a tax bump for my supporters? That shit doesn’t matter, as long as abortions are illegal and Hispanics stay out of the country.

The soldier was another stalwart symbol that every Republican used to admire. The soldier is fighting for our freedoms. No one deserves more respect than the soldier. However, Trump’s Republican minions have apparently changed their opinion on the soldier.

Donald Trump was a draft dodger. During the primary, Donald Trump even ridiculed John McCain, a POW, for being caught! Imagine if a Democrat said that, let alone a presidential nominee! Had Hillary Clinton mocked John McCain for being caught, her limbs would have been torn off. Donald Trump says it, and his fan base only multiplies.

Now, we are hearing how Donald Trump mocked the widow of a fallen solider and made her cry!!! His¬†supporters claim that she is lying. This is so disgusting, I can’t think about it while eating.

Also, during the election, Trump was the defendant in a class action containing many women who claimed Trump sexually abused them! How can a Republican say they care about the American family, but then worship some guy who rapes women!

Comic legend Cosby sexually abuses women, and he is crucified. Hollywood tycoon Weinstein does it, and he is finished. Donald Trump does it, and he becomes president. If any good comes from this Republican 180, it is how their ability to criticize will undoubtedly be muted. You would think that come next election, Republicans will think twice about knocking a Democrat who was involved in a sexual crime or for dodging the draft. Sadly, I doubt they will.