Private prison companies stood to make a lot of money through Trump’s campaign rhetoric. As a result, private prison companies were huge Trump supporters during the election. According to a MotherJones article however, these detention corporations are still wildly enamored with Trump. Just last week, GEO Group, the country’s largest private prison company held its annual leadership conference at a Trump owned golf resort.

During the campaign, I wrote a few articles about how private prison companies were huge Trump supporters:

This cozy relationship seemed very dangerous to me. Regardless of the massive amounts of money these detention facilities are throwing at our president, they expect ten fold in return. Besides tank top-wearing, trailer-abiding Trumpkins, people contribute to the president because they expect something in return. Obviously, private prison companies contributed to Trump because they expect him to keep their prisons packed.

That should frighten most people, that our president is being paid by prisons to enforce legislation that will ensure lots of our citizens get arrested. Trump’s base should be more petrified than anyone else. Trump’s base is generally less wealthy and also partakes in more drug-use than the rest of the country. This is the exact demographic that private prison companies are hoping to detain.

Two of Trump’s campaign promises were wet dreams to anyone who profits the more people that are locked up. Trump’s plans to kick out all Hispanics and Muslims have already begun paying back these detention facilities.

If I owned a prison, and I could persuade our president’s legislation, I would abolish those drug legalization laws imposed under Obama. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2015, nearly half (48.6) of people in state prisons are there because of a drug offense.

There is no other reason that private prison companies donate so heavily to Trump. They are confident that Trump and his Draconian legislation will keep plenty of Americans locked up. Hence, netting them loads of cash.