Forty eight hours ago, Trump shocked the world by reigniting his Hillary smearing tricks. First, he demanded the State Department hurry up and release Hillary’s remaining emails. That same day, Trump ordered the Justice Department to lift a gag order on a key FBI informant in some baseless investigation alleging Hillary took money in allowing Russia to control US uranium.

Fox News, the number one news network in the country, lit up like a Christmas tree. Here is just a bone in a cemetery of Fox News Hillary stories from the past 24 hours.


Conway: Uranium One Deal Is Why Americans Think Clinton Is Dishonest

Hillary Clinton’s net worth is $45 million

Even our President, in a clip featured in one of those articles, says the media should focus its attention on this bogus uranium story. According to our president, the Trump-Russia headline is not a story. Instead, the Clinton-Russia story is.

Coincidentally, Trump saturated the news with Hillary accusations the day before Mueller announced the first charges in his Trump-Russia story. Trump is about to get douched in a shit storm. A hard rains-a-gonna fall on Trump, but as long as he could keep those Hillary stories circulating across your family’s breakfast table, people who hate Hillary will be pleasantly captivated. Considering he successfully duped a huge portion of the population with his Hillary smearing tricks, many people will be too enamored with these Hillary stories to focus on anything about him.

An astute political or social analyst could derive some astonishing revelations from Trump’s reaction. Sadly, millions of Americans will continue to dance to Trump’s tune, as he pulls their strings. Almost half of our country will not bat an eye to Mueller’s charges. Instead, they will believe a conspiracy is trying to take Trump down. They will focus on Hillary stories though.

Fox News devoted so much air time to those Hillary stories for the same reason that Trump instigated them. More than half of our country loves Hillary scandals. Whether you were a Trump supporter or a Bernie supporter, everyone was a Hillary hater. Now, Trump’s true colors are coming out. If you dislike Hillary Clinton, a woman who devoted her professional life to helping impoverished women and children, PoliticalHaze, then you were fooled by Trump and Julian Assange.

Trump’s Hillary smearing tricks are the oldest tricks in the book, watch the left hand as the right hand slips into your pocket. But it was so effective. He is not president because of his merits, rather Hillary’s crimes. Though she has no crimes and at the start of the election, she was considered the most qualified presidential candidate in history, Is Hillary Clinton really the most qualified candidate ever? An investigation.  Trump’s entire candidacy was based on how terrible Hillary was. He successfully painted her as the most evil deplorable. This partially explains Fox News devotion to Hillary scandals.

Most Trump supporters are uneducated. Nothing makes an uneducated person feel better than finally learning they were right about something. Fox News doesn’t care about covering accurate news. Fox News just wants to make their viewers feel good by verifying their beliefs.

The definition of intelligence is to admit you were wrong. It is so much easier to promote your beliefs, though they were proven wrong, than to cast them aside.

Now that the Trump administration will be begin to be charged by Mueller, anyone that voted for him, should feel pretty dumb. Hillary however, won’t be charged with anything. Despite those barrels of crimes that America is convinced she is guilty of, she isn’t the one being charged. Obviously,  all people who voted for Trump are responsible for him being the leader of our world. But democrats or independents that voted for him, should have a real tough time falling asleep.