Anyone who reads my articles knows that I have written a lot on Trump’s campaign promises directed to the coal industry. Trump appealed to a massive section of our population, by promising to reopen those abandoned coal plants. Ultimately, getting them all back to work.

Hi, I’m earth. Have we met?

I found it fascinating that people could fall for such empty promises. Coal is a thing of the past. Coal costs so much more money to drill from the earth and use. Sprinkle on the massive environmental tax that companies are charged that use coal, and coal mines become prohibitively expensive to reopen.

Trump yanked us out of the Paris Accord. Undoubtedly, unemployed coal mine workers cheered. Trump convinced them during the campaign that if only we didn’t have to pay those pesky taxes implemented by the Paris Accord, then everyone would be using coal. Now it appears as if the Trump administration is really trying to force nuggets of coal down all our throats.

Last week, Energy Secretary Rick Perry implemented this archaic law from the seventies and asked FERC to ensure that power plants could sell their electricity at prices that let them recover their full costs of production while earning a “fair rate of return”, so long as they kept a 90-day supply of fuel on site.

That makes no sense to me either. The kicker is the 90 days, because the only fuels that 90 days applies to would be coal and nuclear plants, as a result of how fissile material is stored. In addition, renewable energies couldn’t meet this 90-day threshold either.

When was the last time you saw Rick Perry? He is not in hiding. He has actually been on a single mission, to prove to the power industry that coal and nuclear plants need to return. He claims that as coal and nuclear plants vanish, there are more blackouts,  Vox. Seriously. There is no logical reason to bring back coal, so they must invent one.

So why is it supposedly necessary to prop up coal? For months now, Perry has been trying to build a case that disappearing coal and nuclear plants have made the U.S. electric grid less stable and more prone to blackouts. Keeping them on life support through government-mandated higher prices would make our electricity system more resilient, he claims.

Even more astonishing was Trump’s nomination of Andrew Wheeler to lead the EPA. Wheeler is a coal industry lobbyist. Wheeler has been hailed by the industry as the best individual to dismantle Obama’s fossil fuel regulations. If you have any concern for the environment this would be the LAST guy you want heading the EPA. Just check out my article I wrote about him. The coal industry now has the president and the head of the EPA working to spread the use of a fuel more expensive and damaging to the environment than what we use now. God help us.