When Trump became president on his nationalistic agenda, America could not be leader of the world anymore. This shouldn’t be a shock. It is only obvious. Trump appealed to uneducated Americans by promising to withdraw aid to our allies across the world. No one likes to think of America as the savior of the world. Such a platform was easy to persuade uneducated people with. Spend the money here on us! However, the benefits of being the protector of the world far outweigh the costs. Of course, this requires a lot more analytical perception than most Trump supporters possess. Thankfully though, Germany stepped in to fill that void.

Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico three weeks ago. The island is little changed from that day. Most people are without electricity. Half are unable to drink water. Dozens of Americans have been killed. Even more are dying.

Future presidents will study Trump’s response to Hurricane Maria, to learn what NOT to do. He has neglected Puerto Rico on countless levels, including saying that the hurricane was not a real disaster, made fun of the Puerto Rican accent, hasn’t tried to raise money for the disaster on Twitter, hasn’t donated to Puerto Rico, like he did for Hurricane Harvey. I can go on and on.

Trump supporters of course, are unable to spot the evil neglect of our president. Only if, God forbid, they were in similar turmoil, would they acknowledge the grief our president is causing.

It is a shock though that Trump, the president of America, is refusing to provide aid to America. Germany is actually installing microgrids in Puerto Rico to help power emergency centers around the island. According to Bloomberg, Sonnen GmbH is a “energy-storage” systems provider and will be shipping smaller systems every week as ports reopen. Sonnen will be donating equipment for the fifteen centers.  Sonnen will donate profit from local sales to build as many as 35 additional microgrids on the island.

If we were talking about a monster typhoon to destroy Japan, and America was refusing to provide aid, that would still be disgusting, but that would be something else. Puerto Rico is a part of America. Trump’s budget includes soaring defense and security spending but it slashes necessities like food stamps and education Time. Trump would rather spend your taxes on missiles instead of feeding starving families displaced from natural disasters.

Trump is the epitome of evil.

“It is our duty to stand firmly with the people of Puerto Rico and do everything possible to help start the rebuilding process,” Chief Executive Officer Christoph Ostermann said in the statement. “There is a clear connection between our mission to support humanity during a climate disaster and our mission to fight climate change.” Bloomberg

As opposed to Germany’s mission to help the world’s less fortunate, our president’s idea of aid was participating in a game of catch.