Criticize Trump all you want. God knows I sure do it a lot. But criticism can’t get you that far. After all, we knew what Trump was going to do. He campaigned on banning Muslims, he said the Paris Accord was a “bad deal”, he said that his “number-one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran”, he also said he would withdraw from international trade deal TPP. Lots of Trump supporters are experiencing regrets for their vote, considering Trump actually enforced what he said that he would.

Take the TPP, for example. The TPP was the successor to the North American Free Trade Agreement, which, as Trump pointed out during the campaign, led to outsourcing. Millions of Trump supporters in the agriculture industry stood at his rallies and cheered as Trump vowed to withdraw America from the TPP, if elected.

American agriculture business was plenty angry. The industry was struggling. Trump convinced them, that their financial burdens were caused by those pesky TPP imposed tariffs. As a result of the TPP, the United States could not sell products to many countries.

But as Trump pulled us out of the TPP, almost instantly, there were countries taking our place. Countries like Australia, Mexico and the European Union were negotiating even lower tariffs with each other. America is not invited to these parties.

The EU exports as much pork to Japan as United States does. On July 6, the EU announced a deal that would give European pork up to $2 per pound over US pork. Same with European wine. Now, a 15% tariff on European wine to Japan has been removed, Politico.

In August, many US pork farmers were shocked when sales dropped by 9%. According to Trump, business was supposed to sky rocket because of lower tariffs in the TPP. Turns out Trump’s business intuition is kind of shitty. Trump didn’t predict other nations swooping in.

Those same farmers were the ones that carried Trump to the White House. Now they realize that they had been tricked. Many of them have regrets. According to a Reuters poll, Trump support has dropped in rural America from 55 last winter, to 47 a month ago.

Regrets can be tough, especially when your decision leads to losing your job, or not being able to put enough food on your families table. Regrets over voting for Trump are even more brutal, considering how these voters were tricked. Trump made America hate Hillary, a woman who devoted her life to helping children and women. There was a time, that the majority of Americans felt Hillary had broken several laws. It turns out that all of these “crimes” were just manufactured by the Trump campaign and Julian Assange. And still, she hadn’t been convicted of a single crime.

America was tricked, and now we must be punished. The world is being punished as a result of the Trump presidency as well. Japan is very frustrated with America’s pullout from the TPP. Japan is hoping the TPP could provide them with am advantage over China’s spreading power. After Amerivca’s pullout, the TPP is significantly weaker. Vice President Mike Pence and Agricultural Secretary Sonny Perdue, have tried to soothe the agitation, by hinting at new “beautiful” bilateral trade deals. Mike Pence is hoping Japan will be down for secret under the table deals only between them and America.

However, Japanese officials feel that such negotiations would counter the concept of an international playing field. Any country that flips off the multi-national agreement and instead signs a deal with America, would instantly become ostracized by the world.

Trump became president by appealing to the uneducated farmers and coal miners and promising them to bring them back to prominence. Trump got us out of the Paris Accord Climate, in an attempt toe reinvigorate the coal mining industry. Coal is from last century. In order for us to start using coal again, our entire manufacturing industry would have to be revamped. American factories would have to be willing to pay almost twice as much to use coal as opposed to natural gas. Coal is a thing of the past.

Meanwhile, China is making headlines by becoming the most powerful political force behind the globalization of electric vehicle technology. Experts predict all cars in China will be electric in about ten years. China sells more electric cars than any other nation.

Remember all of those Trump supporters saying how Trump’s business mind is what this country needs? I’m sure all of them right now are nursing plenty of regrets.