I don’t like Republican politicians. However, Trump’s presidency has shown me that not all of them are so bad. For a politician to oppose the president not even a year after election, especially when they are of the same party, is unheard of in American politics. A guy like Bob Corker, Senator from Tennessee and also the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is involved in a vicious tit-for-tat with our president. Tennessee voted for Trump, so for Corker to oppose him so defiantly speaks a lot about Trump’s job in the White House. I mean, If Trump was doing a good job, Corker would have no reason to express dissatisfaction with him. Regardless, Trump’s honeymoon is up.

Before we start hanging laurels over Corker’s neck, let’s not forget the shady stock shit he was involved in. According to the Wall Street Journal, Corker failed to disclose millions of dollars in shares in a small Tennessee real estate firm. A pair of the purchases were made in his daughters’ names, and he bought stock in the company, CBL, 25 times using accounts in his wife and daughters’ names. Maybe Corker is just like Trump and he can’t contain himself when someone starts talking smack. If he really cared so much about America that he’s willing to disrupt his party, you’d think he would have thought twice before partaking in stock fraud.

Trump has floundered beneath the 52-senate vote rule. The healthcare bill failed on just three votes. If that vote was held today, Corker would have made it four. Trump’s middle school playground feud will just make his chances of future legislative victory less likely. In addition, Corker’s defiance against Trump could be the wake up call that Republicans need. Finally, it seems as if Trump’s honeymoon is over.

Corker tweeted that the president is dangerously erratic and unstable, that he treats his high post like a television show and that he is reckless enough to stumble the country into a nuclear war.

Those same concerns have me up at night.

Most Republicans are just too chicken shit to offend our president, even if he is purposely trying to destroy our country. Still, others mindlessly defend Trump and the countless treasonous acts he commits. Take Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), for example. This guy actually tried to pass legislation to KILL Mueller’s investigation into Trump.

This is Sen. Corker’s final session. He is retiring. He won’t be in Washington next session, so he could care less what happens. Other politicians that will be in the party for the next decade or two, may think twice about burning their bridges with Trump. However, Corker is a popular guy in Washington. Trump’s feud has certainly rubbed lots of politicians the wrong way.

One close associate of the president, who asked not to be identified to discuss the situation more candidly, said Mr. Trump’s entire agenda could be dead because Mr. Corker has a lot of friends on Capitol Hill. NYTimes

It hasn’t even been a year, and he already has bus loads of enemies on both sides of the aisle. Such a strategy is not very wise, especially if these enemies will be voting on Trump’s impeachment charges.

Like any little middle schooler though, I guess Trump is unable to restrain his little ferocious temper tantrums. If only he was able to think before tweeting, he wouldn’t be in this mess. Maybe his perverse honeymoon with republicans would still be going on.