Imagine you were a Russian spy. Your mission – destroy America. Plus, you have hook ups, and become President of the United States. An effective and seemingly innocuous method to carry your mission out, would be to nominate the worst possible candidates to head big government departments. When I say worse possible candidates, I mean nominate people who have literally devoted their lives to destroying the agency they now head. Trump’s choice to head the NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Barry Myers, is another splinter in America’s coffin.

I’ve written so many articles illustrating each of Trump’s deplorable nominations. Everyone from Betsy Devos to head Department of Education, while devoting her life to replacing public schools with charter schools; to Rick Perry to head Secretary of Energy, who flunked chemistry, all of Trump’s nominations are terrible. Unless of course, his intention is to destroy our country. In that case, he picked some real winners.

Barry Myers is a top executive at AccuWeather, who has actually tried to pass legislation to cripple the National Weather Service from providing the accurate service that it does. To be exact, Myers supported the bill 12 years ago. It was sponsored by then Senator Rick Santorum. The bill would have prohibited the agency from competing with private providers in most circumstances, Politico.

Barry Myers has business and law degrees, but nothing to do with science. This position is usually held by those possessing scientific doctorates. He is clearly out of his league. ScienceMag

Keep in mind that Barry Myers’ AccuWeather also provides weather services. 12 years ago, Myers tried to push this bill, because technological advances allowed the NOAA to provide free services that Myers was charging the public for. When hour-by-hour forecasts, cellphone alerts and other consumer-friendly online services were provided for free by the government, Barry Myers was in quite a pickel.

He did what every cutthroat capitalists does. He contributed to powerful politicians hoping that they would get his bill passed.

“It is not an easy prospect for a business to attract advertisers, subscribers, or investors when the government is providing similar products and services for free,” Santorum said when introducing his bill.


“I fear that he’ll do irreparable harm to an agency whose primary mission is to save lives,” said Daniel Sobien, the president of the National Weather Service Employees Organization, which strongly opposes Myers’ nomination. “There seems to be a huge conflict of interest considering his business background and belief system.”

Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) agreed, calling Myers a “questionable” choice.

“As the CEO of AccuWeather, Barry Myers views NOAA as a direct competitor that provides high-quality forecasts for free,” Schatz said in a statement Thursday. He added that “Mr. Myers will have to work very hard to persuade me that he will run NOAA for the public good.” Politico.

Trump defenders will quickly retort that installing business leaders was Trump’s plan all along. He is only fulfilling the direction he laid out during the campaign.

Finding evidence of Myers’ disdain for the agency he now heads, is as simple as looking at his company’s website. There are countless articles aimed at disparaging the NOAA.


The company complained that the weather service had underestimated the strength of Hurricane Claudette before it hit Texas in 2003, and it said the federal agency was late to issue warnings about a 2015 tornado in Oklahoma.