During the campaign, Trump did some stupid things. The world was stupefied as we watched Trump pledge to abolish all Muslims and Hispanics from our country. His campaign promises were something out of a George Orwell novel. He wanted to build this gigantic wall between our country and Mexico. Let’s say he did somehow get funding for it, and that it could actually be constructed on private property, a wall would be ineffective. Still his supporters idolized him,and cherished every word to tumble from his fat lips. Trump did not expect to win. He was planning on starting Trump TV- his ultimate goal. Why else do you think he got Roger Ailes, Fox bistro, and Steve Bannon, Breitbart founder, aboard? Trump follows the money trail. There was a lot of money in it for him, if he started Trump TV.

Here is an article I wrote about Trump’s vision to start his own TV station.

Every single thing that Trump did, was contrary to the liberal views he’s held his whole life. His grand children are Jewish, still, for some bizarre reason, Trump defended White Supremacists. In turn, one hate activist, during an interview, expressed what he would really like to do to Trump’s Jewish son-in-law. He called him a “Jew bastard”.

Why do you think Trump would suddenly support the same groups that would lynch up his family members? Hate groups across the country saw hope in Trump, something they had never seen in a presidential contender. Here was this presidential nominee ushering the same hateful messages that these hate groups discussed at their meetings.

But why would Trump back these skin head groups? He isn’t a stupid guy. What other benefit could Trump be going for, by continually supporting the same organizations that strive for mass genocide? Just like they needed him, he needs them for his ultimate goal.

If Trump was going to start Trump TV, he had to hold on to this base.  It was like an oil reservoir waiting to be tapped. Trump had a third of the country wrapped around his finger. A third of the country viewed Trump as some sort of messiah. If Trump TV started, and for just $19.99 a month, his fervid fan base could watch Trump 24-7, you could bet your bottom dollar they would fork that amount over.

But then he won. His dreams of starting Trump TV were dashed against the rocks. That must have been a massive bummer for Trump. Being president is nice and all, but not as nice as owning a media empire. However, even into his presidency, Trump keeps catering to his base. Nothing is more important than starting this TV channel. This is Trump’s ultimate goal. However, it seems as if Trump is still corralling his base for a reason.

In fact, every single thing Trump does, is to impress his base. Whether it be condemning football players who don’t salute the flag, refusing to give Puerto Rico adequate disaster relief, praising the KKK at hate rallies, rounding up illegal aliens and keeping them in camps, or assigning alt-right website guru Steve Bannon as his chief adviser.

Trump is only using his position to garner an audience for his future television channel.

Trump supporters have bragged about the relationship they have with Trump. Every few months, Trump goes and speaks to them. He goes right into their backyards, and reminds them that he is in it for them. Whether it be in Arkansas or Ohio or Arizona. Typically secluded areas that are uneducated, poor and heavy in drug use are areas where Trump is king. He is keeping their relationship alive.

Only time will tell. When Trump gets out of office and he starts his own media empire, proving to the world, that everything he said and did as president was to gain a following for his channel, remember where you heard it first!!!