There Donald Trump was, in a meeting surrounded with the greatest military minds in our country. He must have seen the potential of talking about “the calm before the storm” a mile away. Turns out he was just talking out of his ass. Although in a metaphorical sense, we have been in a storm ever since Trump was knighted. But a calm before a storm alludes to impending doom. What was he talking about?

Every mother and wife of one of our soldiers must have been tossed a fright when they heard that. I’m sure some of them are still fearful that their loved one is about to be sent to war, considering Trump has yet to assuage his tough talk.

America needs to know that this is how Trump operates. The Trump empire is 95% image. He makes money by putting his fat orange face on billboards across the world. He is president because of appearances and fronts. God knows he is not president based on merit or accomplishments. In fact, hyperbole is how Trump swindled us. Nothing more than a two-bit card hustler. He wants us to stay focused on his left hand as his right hand dips into our pockets. Tell a lie, it’ll be page one. When the truth comes out, that might be page 10.

Trump uses hyperbole so often. My favorite was his interview about the James Comey firing. Lester Holt asked him about Comey’s firing and Trump answered in his vague, Twilight Zone-esque mystery.

“I’m not hinting anything.  I’ll tell you about it over a very short period of time….Oh, you’re going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer. Don’t worry.” PoliticalHaze

In his book Art of the Deal, Donald Trump cites “truthful hyperbole” as one of his rhetorical tools. He describes it as “an innocent form of exaggeration – and a very effective form of promotion.” For example, during the campaign when Trump said that he will assemble the greatest cabinet ever, that isn’t really a lie. That statement is truthful hyperbole, or we can call it a false fact. Whatever it is, it certainly instigated a loud applause when he said that at his rallies. What more did he care about?

Another tactic that Trump uses to trick the public is procrastination. Like when Trump said he will share his taxes at a future date. That turned out to be a lie. By saying that though, many Americans were convinced that Trump was going to show his taxes, hence they were not so bad after all.

Remember all the dirt that was supposed to come out about HillaryThe media exploded when he mentioned “the calm before the storm”. Instead of clearing it up and saying that his stupid storm comment was misunderstood, he was adamant in maintaining his lie. The media kept asking what he meant. Trump finally said, “You’ll find out.” Then  he winked, and sauntered out of the room.

We’ve been played, America.