It seems that everyday President Trump does something else that disgusts the nation. A video emerged of Trump speaking before the election, that is so revolting and disgusting, if you just ate, I recommend reading this after your food has been digested. It shows Trump bragging about hiring a hot teenager. There are plenty of disturbing things with the video. However, one defining similarity between all of them, is Trump’s apparent perception of women as pieces of meat. To that old dirty man we call “our president”, a woman’s appearance is all she has to offer.

Even more nauseating is the fact that the girl Trump is drooling over is just a teenager. Our president is no different from that dirty old man who sits on the bench, hiding behind a cropped newspaper, watching the little teenager step off the school bus.

Really this should be of no surprise. During the election, Trump was being sued by countless women, claiming that our president sexually abused them. Any person who tries to argue this will not have much to work with.  Some people, like movie producer Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby, use their power to take advantage of vulnerable women. I’m sure Cosby, Weinstein and Trump all had the same mindset: I’m so powerful and rich, my victims wouldn’t dare notify the authorities.

Remember that Access Hollywood video? Right before election day, this video comes out showing Trump bragging about grabbing women’s privates, and bragging about how any woman lets him touch her anywhere he wants. Beyond disgusting, folks. This video is nothing new.

The video, revealed by NowThis and on People website, shows Trump speaking at a seminar. Trump invites a woman on stage. As she approaches, illustrating her curves, Trump mutters into the microphone, “You’re hired.”

He then begins to tell a story, about a teenager that was so hot he had to hire her, even though she had no experience.

“You know, I had a case, it was very interesting. A beautiful girl, who was 17 or 18, applied to be a waitress,” Trump said. “She’s so beautiful, she’s like a world-class beauty.”

“And my people came and she said, ‘Mr. Trump, she has no experience.’ So I interviewed her anyway because she was so pretty. And I said, ‘Let me ask you, do you have any experience?’ She goes, ‘No, sir.’ I said, ‘When can you start?’ ”

After concluding the story, Trump kisses the woman from the audience on the cheek and promises that she can “work on [his] plane anytime.”

On a side note, I hope you realize how devoted I am to writing these articles. I vomited three times while writing this.