Back in February, one of Obama’s bills that Trump revoked, added people’s names who were deemed unfit to buy a gun to a national background check database. I still can’t think of one reason why such a bill would be revoked. Unless you own a gun company, why would you want crazy people to own guns? Literally, the bill took everyone’s name who got Social Security because a mental illness prohibited them from working, and placed them on a list so they couldn’t buy a gun.

As noted in the last paragraph, when Obama introduced the bill, the only people who fought it, were those in the gun industry. Of course, republicans also said it was “our right” to carry guns around. They claimed that the bill violated people’s Second Amendment rights.

Trump held a public bill signing ceremony, that cold day in February. He signed two bills that his daughter was promoting, about space exploration and the Women in Entrepreneurship Act. It was a great publicity event. Camera flashes wouldn’t stop sparkling. However, Trump signed the last bill only when all the press had left. Trump didn’t want the world knowing that he signed a bill allowing asylum crazy people to buy guns. The fact that he knew the bill signing would be perceived in a bad light, tells me that Trump recognized the bill was bad, but still signed it anyway. NBC

After all, this was Obama’s bill. It doesn’t matter what the bill is about! If the bill was engineered by Obama, than every republican in the country had no problem with getting rid of it. Too bad they didn’t think of the consequences. Judging by the news about the Las Vegas shooter, most likely, this bill would not have affected him. Apparently, he was a successful accountant. But what about the next shooter? Undoubtedly, republicans will defend putting a gun in a diagnosed crazy man’s hand, by arguing that it would not have stopped the Las  Vegas shooter.

Unfortunately, we have a better chance of the moon falling out of the sky, than Trump doing anything to bother the gun industry. Steve Bannon, Trump’s spokesperson for his base, was asked if Trump would do anything to halt gun sales. Bannon said that option was impossible. If Trump hindered gun sales, he would instantly lose the only support he has. As a result, yesterday Trump said that the government will “be talking about gun laws as time goes by”. In other words, don’t hold your breath.