Trump Russia collusion should petrify every single American. Never in our nation’s history has their been an administration so stocked with members of a hostile foreign power as Trumps’. Look at Trump’s cabinet members, past and present. One remarkable trait that almost all of them have, is their intimate connections with Putin and Russia. Still, Republicans refuse to admit any connection. It seems to me that all doubt would be squashed with the answer to one simple question – who selected these Russian agents to be in Trump’s administration.

I would assume that question could be easily answered. Is it just chance that practically every person that Trump delegated to be in his administration either has concrete ties directly to Putin or is actually a Russian agent? To me, this would be a sure-fire way to prove Trump Russia collusion.

Who chose these people?

Of course, an answer would have to be verified. For example, undoubtedly Donald Trump would answer that he knighted each individual to his administration on his own cognizance. But then he would have to explain his logic. If he couldn’t, it would be safe to assume that someone else made these decisions.

Every day, another person in Trump’s cabinet is revealed to have deep Russian ties.

Recently leaked international documents show even more members of Trump’s administration as having ties with Russia. According to an NBC report,

“Through offshore investments, [Commerce Secretary Wilbur] Ross held a stake in Navigator Holdings, which had a close relationship with the Russian firm. Ross did not disclose that connection during his confirmation process on Capitol Hill.”

The same report from NBC also stipulates,

“Top White House adviser Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, is also implicated. The documents reveal that Kremlin-connected interests invested in social media giants Facebook and Twitter through one of Kushner’s business associates. Russian tech leader Yuri Milner, who funneled the money to Facebook and Twitter, has a stake in a company partly owned by Kushner.”

The most fascinating part about these disturbing revelations, is that our president has refused to remove these individuals from office. Even after finding out that some of the people he nominated have strong financial ties to Russia, he is fine with having them lead our government.

Another possible Russian spy in our government is Attorney General Jeff Sessions. If he isn’t a Russian agent, than why would he, under oath and before the senate, fail to disclose two meetings he’d had with the Russian ambassador? Genius Trump actually took a picture of the meeting. So there is no denying that the meeting took place and who was present.

Former campaign manager Paul Manafort, could take the award for the Most Audacious Russian Spy in the Trump Administration. He has been indicted on money laundering charges stemming from lobbying work done former Ukranian president. Manafort is also connected with the Russian mob. He was a major component of the Trump Russia collusion.

After his arrest, it was revealed that Paul Manafort has three different passports. He traveled around the world using fake names. Republicans could defend him all they want, but you don’t travel under fake names for kicks. Manafort could actually be a Russian agent!

In a 2015 complaint, the FBI broke up a Russian spy ring. According to the complaint, Russian intelligence agents tried to recruit American citizen “Male 1”. The FBI broke up the spy ring before anyone was recruited. But Male 1 was actually Carter Page, a previous foreign-policy adviser for our president. ForeignPolicy

Oh yeah, let’s not leave out fired national security adviser Michael Flynn. He was a regular guest on RT, Russia’s propaganda TV station. Sally Yates, the previous attorney general, warned Trump that Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail, as a result of some scandalous conversations he had Sergey Kislyak. BusinessInsider

Imagine Hillary had a Russian spy working in her campaign! Good God, the furor that would be unleashed by the right. Trump however, doesn’t have one Russian spy working for him, practically everyone in his administration is a Russian spy. Trump wouldn’t select these people. I doubt Trump even knew who most of them were before he leaped into the election.

Find out who suggested these names to Trump, and we will know all we need to about the Trump Russia collusion. If I had to bet my money, I’d say Trump is just a dumb lap dog, doing anything Putin wants. If I had to bet my money, I’d wager that Putin’s ultimate goal was to destroy America. God only knows what our country will look like, when this is all over. It won’t be pretty.