The infamous dossier report about Trump and his “golden showers” is very mysterious. Some of it has been proven while other of it’s awesome allegations are still up in the air. Regardless, this dossier certainly exists. The FBI has had several in depth conversations with Christopher Steele, the one hired to compile the report. This dossier is kind of like peeing in the dark – you don’t know what you’re gonna hit.

The FBI, as well as Capitol Hill, were very interested in Steele’s report, according to Mother Jones’ David Corn, who was personally briefed by Steele:

The former intelligence officer says the response from the FBI was “shock and horror.” The FBI, after receiving the first memo, did not immediately request additional material, according to the former intelligence officer and his American associates. Yet in August, they say, the FBI asked him for all the information in his possession, and for him to explain how the material had been gathered and to identify his sources. The former spy forwarded to the bureau several memos — some of which referred to members of Trump’s inner circle. At that point, he continued to share information with the FBI. “It’s quite clear there was or is a pretty substantial inquiry going on,” he says. WashingtonExaminer

To think the government would devote so much time and money to this dossier, if it was not credible or if it didn’t even exist, is ludicrous. The dossier is so packed with damaging Trump intel, that it is difficult to focus on any particular torpedo. Apparently, every paragraph contains some scandal that could impeach Trump at worse and lock him up at best.

Steele wrote that Carter Page met with Igor Sechin, the CEO of Rosneft, the ginormous Russian oil company. Sechin and Putin are very good friends. According to Steele’s dossier report, Sechin offered the Trump administration a 19% stake in Rosneft, billions of dollars, if he could get Trump to lift Russian sanctions, BusinessInsider.

As of now, such fantastic allegations are nothing more than that. However, Trump’s steadfast refusal to implement these same Russian sanctions, is confusing everyone. No one could understand why Trump is so stubborn in applying Russian sanctions. If he was paid billions of dollars not to, we might have our answer.

Fusion GPS was the company behind Stelle’s dossier, that the DNC paid. If these allegations are flat our lies, there would be no more efficient way to debase them, than if Trump sued Fusion. The fact that Trump hasn’t however, makes the dossier even more legitimate.

In early August, bipartisan support overwhelmingly passed a law to penalize Russia with even harsher penalties. Republicans must have thought that such a law would help to minimize any suspicions about Trump and Russia collusion. After all, if Trump approved a law to sanction Russia, he obviously is not colluding with them.

Except, Trump never did sign it. To this day, Trump has expressed hesitancy in signing it. Trump has claimed his desire to improve Russian American relations, which means no more sanctions.

You’d think that Trump’s presidency would be so much more comfortable for Trump if he hammered down some harsh Russian sanctions. Finally, Trump could do something that everyone would applaud. However, for some reason, Trump doesn’t want to. Everyone else in Washington feels Russia deserves harsher sanctions. Nothing gets bipartisan support on the hill. With one signature, Trump would receive unanimous support.

It is almost comical, watching Trump defend Putin, his Russian bed buddy. He appalled everyone in our intelligence agency, by calling them “political hacks”. Literally, our president sided with Russia over our intelligence community! Considering the Trump Russia collusion investigations, you’d think Trump would at least try to make it look like he isn’t in it with Putin.

Trump continued to shock, by telling the world that he would drop the story that Russia interfered in our elections.

“He said he didn’t meddle, he said he didn’t meddle. I asked him again. You can only ask so many times,” Trump said, according to pool reports. TheHill

Trump’s bizarre insistence that Russia is innocent of election meddling, and also his weird refusal to slap Russia with sanctions, would all make sense if the Trump administration was paid to lift these sanctions, as the dossier implies.

The FBI and Capital Hill sure think the dossier is legit, do you?