Pity those unfortunate souls that are burdened with the agonies of unbridled wealth. Poor Donald Trump Jr. and his daily barrage of sorrows. The poor guy can’t seem to do anything without being walloped by the press. Everything he does is either remarkably stupid, like being 40 years old and still not grasping the difference between “to” and “too” or incredibly offensive, like how he tweets the White Supremacist logo, Pepe the Frog.

You’d think the son of Donald Trump wouldn’t really have so much to be pissed about. After all, who wouldn’t love to wake up in the lap of luxury, where an army of butlers and servants and chamber-maids stand at your beckon call?

However, the guy is always angry. Donald Trump Jr. doesn’t care about any of those treasures bestowed to him at birth. All he wants to do is hunt and kill animals. His need to kill is so immense, that he actually called his secret service off for a few days, so that he could hide in a bush a mile from an animal and shoot it dead. Then, Donald Trump Jr. celebrated Earth Day by shooting prairie dogs. The small and endangered species is not much of hunting trophy to boast of. Not many hunters go after prairie dogs. However, Junior’s need to kill circumvented everything. NYPost

All of our strengths and weaknesses could be traced back to our parents, and the love that they gave us. Donald Trump Jr. did not get much attention from his parents. As a result, he has battled an army of inner demons and rage. When he was a student going to college, he would regularly get so drunk that he would just pass out.

Donald Jr. was a drunk in college. Every memory I have of him is of him stumbling around on campus falling over or passing out in public, with his arm in a sling from injuring himself while drinking. MiamiNewTimes

Junior quickly gained the nick name Diaper Don, because he would drink so much he would often piss himself.

Most people drink socially, but when someone drinks simply to get as far from reality as possible, you should question their motives. We all know that guy at the end of the bar, whose life is so miserable, he will only stop drinking once he is passed out on the floor. Just a brief examination of his life, reveals a similar identity in the life of our president’s son. Donald Trump never went to visit his son at school. Many vacations occurred, when Junior was left by himself in his room.

“I remember nothing of his dad except him showing up to give a bad career day speech,” Greenlee, whose older brother played squash with Don Jr., told the Guardian. “I don’t remember his father coming to see Donny play squash or visiting Eric in the dormitory.” TheGuardian

No one has damaged Donald Trump as much as Junior has. Every time the bite sized punk says something, Donald Trump’s press secretary has to talk their way out. Like the other day, it came out that during the campaign, Donald Trump Junior was asking WikiLeaks for dirt on Hillary! If you were covertly working on someone’s election team, trying to destroy them, you would do the same exact thing. Remember in July, when Don Junior actually admitted to meeting with the Russians for dirt on Hillary. We could laugh about it now, but few pieces of intel were more important to Mueller’s case than those two.

When his most recent screw up came to light, Don Junior’s reaction was astonishingly immature. Seriously, what forty year old man speaks like this? It sounds like a valley girl. And an irate one at that, as if her Gap just closed down.

The guy has some serious issues. Unfortunately, there is not enough space on the internet to even reveal the tip of the iceberg on Junior’s psychological issues. I think we can agree, as with most human attributes, it all boils down to his relationship with his dad.

Either Donald Trump Junior is so stupid, that he genuinely did not think such meetings were bad or he intentionally came clean in hopes of bringing Papa Dukes down. I could believe either one.