During the past election, I wrote countless articles about how dead the Republican party was. As if an aging boxer being wheeled to the match, I doubted the Republican had any more fight in him. But then, the Republican party proved me wrong, by reclaiming all houses of our government, including the presidency. In fact, the past election was one of the biggest overhauls of government in our short history. Therefore, such an immense victory was only possible through a miracle or fraud.

Let’s just say, people who engage in “golden showers” don’t get miracles.

Fraud is to a Republican as water is to a dying fern – they need these things to live. As I wrote this, I was reading stories from Politicususa, that the ACLU got reports that Democratic voters were being called and misdirected to some random location to vote in yesterday’s Virginia election. This dirty trick has been used by Republicans for a long time.  You never hear Democrats employing such mischievous tactics.

I hypothesized that the Republican party was finished because of who they nominated. What other deductions could you make from a political organization that rejects all of their seasoned politicians, like Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Instead, they elect Donald Trump, who had never held an elected office. Republicans were so disenchanted with their own parties heroes, for a reason – Republican politicians only care about the wealthy. In fact, Donald Trump was a Democrat for most of his life. Coincidentally, Trump crossed the river when he decided to run for president. His kids couldn’t even vote for him in the primaries, because they were all registered democrats.

What does that say about the Republican voter?

They were sick of being lied and cheated to. Look at what George Bush Jr. did. He lied and got us into a war, so that we would pay ginormous amounts of cash to contractors owned by the vice president! So many of our brothers and sisters died, so that Dick Cheney and friends could make more money on top of their mountains of cash. Republican politicians never did anything for that loyal republican voter. They just spew their lies, and once elected, they focus on helping out their wealthy supporters.

They keep pitching that same trickle-down lie. Although it has been proven not to work time and time again, every election, Republicans will convince their supporters that if we give the uber-wealthy a tax break, it’ll trickle back down to them.

Finally, Republican voters were sick of the lies.

Of course, they were unable to vote for a Democrat. From a young age, these die-hard Trumpkins were taught by their parents that all politicians are bad. Although one party tries to provide food to their starving family and the other one tries to take it away – they hate both parties. So, they didn’t like Republicans and they sure as heck-fire weren’t gonna vote for a Democrat. Instead, they voted for Trump. They weren’t really voting for another Republican though. The Donald was so out of the mold, he wasn’t even endorsed by a single major newspaper!

He was a different sort of Republican. At the time, his disillusioned supporters figured that no one was more business-savy than The Donald. Considering the economic doldrums that Junior put us in, maybe placing a tycoon at the helm was a good idea. In their fragmented logic, they projected that since Trump was so wealthy, he had no reason to be crooked! God help us! This was the brilliant logic that decided our president.

This logic only worked on the uneducated segment of our society. Trump needed fraud to convince the rest.

But the GOP has been dead for a long time. Remember that agonizing 36-day Florida recount battle? The mystery behind Junior’s election, makes some political analysts feel that the GOP’s death was a long time ago. Even Junior couldn’t win without some under the table assistance. Ironically, the next Republican presidential victory would also be tainted with more fecal election fraud.

Why should we vote Republican? Besides bankrupting our economy and getting us into war, what have they done in the last twenty years? Republicans however, do help people with money – powerful people. Powerful enough to sway elections.

Next election won’t be any easier for the elephant. Every day, thousands of democratic immigrants arrive on our shores. In addition, republican old people die. Also, thanks to the global media we observe, our society is becoming more liberal. Conservatism died a long time ago. Trump is certainly not helping the Republican cause. By kicking out Hispanics and Muslims from our country and swearing allegiance to the KKK, the few reasonable Republicans have now jumped off the boat.

When Trump leaves office, those loyal Trumpkins, who waited in the rain for hours to stand at his rally, they won’t be any better off. Some of them might even feel betrayed by Trump and his plethora of broken promises. At least fraud gives Republicans a chance.