It seems every week that Ivanka does something more humiliating than the last. She is like a clown, tapping those tambourines against her leg, while the crowd hurls tomatoes at her. She is worse than a fool. Fools are not at fault because they are too dumb to create any nefarious thoughts. The fools are actually the ones that fall for Ivanka’s unpolished masquerade. She pretends to be women’s savior, while behind the scenes, she is as vicious as Jack the Ripper to women.

Ivanka spoke at the opening of the three-day Global Entrepreneurship Summit, in Hyderabad, India. The theme of the Women’s Convention was “Women First, Prosperity for All.” Ivanka, could not resist hiding behind the mask of Rosie the Riveteer. She implores the world to treat women equally. She wants the world to think she is female’s best crusader.

Calling Ivanka a female role model, is maliciously insulting at best and evidence of ignorance at worst.

English suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst routinely endured hunger strikes and violence, so that women could vote. Anna Cooper was born a slave, yet still managed to become the fourth African-American woman to earn a Ph.D. Her book about black feminism was opposed by a lot more than who read it. How about Amelia Bloomer who published the first newspaper for women in 1849? Ivanka doesn’t deserve to speak these women’s names! Do you think any of these liberating feminists would pay other women pennies for making their clothes? A salary so low, they can’t even see their children! PoliticalHaze

Check out the beautiful things she said in India at the Women’s Convention this weekend.

Only when women are empowered to thrive will our families, our economies and our societies reach their fullest potential. USAToday

Meanwhile, as Ivanka dines with the world’s most important leaders, begging them to improve their nation’s treatment of women, her very own female workers in China live a surprisingly tough life.  Somewhere in the narrow labyrinth of alleyways in Subang, Indonesia, there is a decrepit factory filled with Chinese women. This is where the handbags to Ivanka’s glamorous fashion line are made. The women shape and staple these flimsy straps of plastic, and then they are shipped off to America, where Ivanka gets to wear them and stroll down Fifth Avenue, smiling as the paparazzi takes their pictures.

Unlike Fifth Avenue, there isn’t much glamour in those dingy factories. In addition, the treatment of women is also very bad. In fact, the treatment of women workers in Ivanka’s factory is much worse than most places in the area, according to TheGuardian.

Journalists for The Guardian, spoke to the women who work for Ivanka. A workday described by one of Ivanka’s workers is the complete opposite of the fantasy that Ivanka describes to those international auditoriums of politicians.

“We must ensure women entrepreneurs have access to capital, access to networks and mentors, and access to equitable laws,” she said.

However, Ivanka’s workers have no such liberties. Ivanka would never discuss how she treats her female workers at the Women’s Convention. These workers complain about the salary Ivanka gives them. The women say that it is not enough to live with a child. Her workers also mention a bonus Ivanka offers, if they work while menstruating. Other Ivanka slaves complain about being paid the lowest wage in Asia. In addition, Ivanka is constantly declaring these impossibly high production targets. TheGuardian

Ivanka might fool those uneducated Trump supporters, but her abused factory workers know the real Ivanka. The Ivanka speaking at the Women’s Convention is admirable, but the real one, the one that tortures her employees, is as deplorable as any killer passing time on Death Row.

Sita was 23 years old, when TheGuardian interviewed her. Her parents got sick and she had to drop out of school, when she started working for Ivanka. However, she said her contract would be over soon.

“That’s one of the company’s ways to cope with extra expenses,” she said. As a contract worker, she will not get any severance. “I can’t stand it any more. I work unpaid overtime every day and still earn just 2.3 million [rupiah] a month. I’m planning to move from Subang, where the minimum wage is too low. But I don’t know where to go yet. I haven’t got any connections.”

She treats her workers in such an abusive manner, yet she has the balls to speak like she did at the Women’s Convention. She must watch her father, as he sexually abuses women and scams teenage students out of a college education, and still become president, and think to herself, how easy it is to fool Americans.

If he could fool these suckers so much that they elect him president, I could spin them around the carousel for a bit.

The single question that keeps circulating through my head, is why wouldn’t Ivanka just close her factory down while her dad is president. The same with her dad, who was so adamant about hiring illegals, yet still employs them in his resorts. Wouldn’t it have been smart just to hire Americans for the time that he is in office? In that case, I wouldn’t be writing this article right now. Such business practices, would have given his critics one less problem to mull over.

Also, think of the good publicity that the Trumps would have achieved. If the President replaced all of his illegals with Americans, and if Ivanka spent a few pennies more to improve the working conditions of her factories. WOW! That would have gotten the Trumps some positive headlines. But for some reason the refuse to even do that.