You don’t have to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, to notice the disgusting violations of a person in charge of a re-election campaign also shaping policy for that same politician. Hopefully, someone working in my government, is trying to improve the life of me and my children. Perhaps they are working to improve our economy, or to clean up our environment , or to make the buses that get us to work run more efficiently. These are the only things any person working in our government should be concerned with.

Just a few days ago, I wrote this, PoliticalHaze. The article is about Eric Trump’s wife’s brother being handed a killer position in the White House. Today, I found out that Eric Trump’s wife, Lara, is sculpting legislation that will affect our lives. None of them have any experience, except knowing what cereal Papa Trump eats in the morning.

If you don’t think she’s is qualified, check out her impressive resume. She’s got degrees in Pastry Arts and French and now she is working in the White House! Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law, is a TV host by day, and Trump’s campaign adviser by night.  Astonishingly, Lara Trump also is the head of Trump re-election. She thinks up images and numbers that will go beautiful in Trump’s re-election advertisements.

“This is not normal. To the extent that somebody is actively engaged in political campaigning, it would be inappropriate for them to be sitting in and heading White House meetings. It raises a lot of concerns; you get the appearance that the individual is moving policy for political purposes rather than the public interest,” Virginia Canter, ethics counsel for the executive branch at CREW, told Newsweek. Salon

For example, Lara Trump has been busy providing veterans with therapy dogs. She also did something, I think, for like, horses living in land owned by the Bureau of Land Management, Salon. I found mention of it, but couldn’t find too much else.

Regardless, I’m sure if Trump does actually get to participate in re-election, in his first commercial we will see images of these beautiful stallions running through a field, or a blind veteran carefully being led by a dog down the street.

These commercials will be intended to change our opinions of Trump’s disastrous term. He might have taken away your kid’s healthcare and made your brother lose his job but heh, at least those horses are running free thanks to him!

This is the exact task that Lara Trump has been assigned. Our president wants her to make him look good. She is trying to enact stupid fluffy feel good stories that republicans will use to defend their orange demigod.

Here is the proof of the bold statements I made during my last paragraph. Just read an excerpt from a Fox News piece, regarding the same exact topic of this article.

Lara Trump was working with The Humane Society and various veterans’ organizations. But because the groups met in the White House to talk about this project to help veterans, and because Lara Trump also serves on president’s campaign committee, the whole idea was deemed political patronage and attacked. This is absurd.

Had Lara been able to establish her program, how many veterans’ lives would be saved?  How many veterans could have seen lives improve? FoxNews

You see, how important those fluffy PR pieces are for republicans!? Obama did plenty to make us proud. He didn’t need someone to make up fake shit to inject into his commercials.

As a result of Lara Trump, finally FoxNews and Trumpkins everywhere have something to be proud about. Donald Trump doesn’t just care about Wall Street, banks and taxes. He also has a soft spot for blind veterans and wild horses.

I guess I had him wrong this whole time.