Nepotism is another pass that Trump gets. Astonishingly, there is not one republican bothered by the fact that the White House is entirely stocked with Trump’s family members. President Trump just hired his son’s brother-in-law to head an Energy Department office.

Lara Trump’s brother, Kyle Yunaska, has been named chief of staff of the Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis. According to the Energy Department website, Yuanaska will advise Executive Director Sean Cunningham. The energy department deals with climate change. Cunnigham however, previously worked as a lobbyist for coal and nuclear power. Newsweek


At least Cunningham has some experience to apply to his job. According to Yunaska’s LinkedIn page, he knows nothing about the industry he now heads.


“Kyle has had a dynamic professional background which includes general management, market research, freelance writing, construction, sales, and successful entrepreneurial ventures,” it reads.


The White House now looks like Christmas dinner at Trump Tower. His daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared are advisers to the president. Lara Trump is busy working on Trump’s re-election campaign. Donald Trump Jr. was also involved in his dad’s election, by setting up a secret meeting with Russian agents.

A few months ago, Ivanka Trump sat among the leaders of the world at the Group of 20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany. What a thrill it must have been, to be sitting with presidents, chancellors, and prime ministers. And then there is Gap girl, incredibly out of place. She said nothing. She twirled her hair and chewed her bubble gum, and made America very proud. TheFader

We want people representing us in our government similar to ourselves. I relate more with Donald Duck than Jared Kushner. These kids have spent their lives in a pristine bubble of wealth. I don’t want them making decisions that will affect my life and my kid’s life.

Nepotism is common among dictators.