Once upon a time, the Trump brands typified luxury and opulence. When we heard the word ‘Trump’, we used to think wealth. We really had no idea how rich the guy was, but still we assumed he was loaded. His beautiful wife, his massive hotels, his prestigious airplanes, were just components of the image Trump was trying to convey. Maybe if we stayed at his hotels, we could live like Trump for a night.

What a difference a year makes!

A year into his presidency, the Trump brands have taken a whopping. Both Ivanka Trump’s fashion line and Trump Hotels fell to the bottom 10 of more than 1,600 brands analyzed in a YouGov consumer perception surveyAxios reports.

Possibly, the reason for this could be his uneducated loyal supporters. At 35% approval ratings, this is the only slice of America that still supports Trump. As a result, his ambitious Great Wall, his deportation efforts, his praise of the KKK, his attempts to reopen the abandoned coal mine, are all aimed at appeasing this uneducated group of supporters.

When people think of the Trump brand now, it is difficult not to also behold images of his loyal supporters – that tank-top wearing and cross-burning supporter. Such an image certainly contradicts Trump’s manicured vision of wealth he wants people to associate him with.

If it is any consultation to Trump critics, becoming president has destroyed his businesses. Trump was expecting a totally different reaction. A few months after inauguration, Trump announced the new Trump Hotel budget friendly line, called the Scion. He must have thought that America would be beating down those doors, just to sleep in a Trump hotel. Any hotel line that I can’t even pronounce is damned. Trump was planning on sprinkling his stupid Scion hotel in 39 different locations. As of now, only Mississippi signed up.

There was supposed to be one in Dallas, but in April the developer squashed the bill, as a result of the city voting to boycott the president’s hotels and products. You read that right. Dallas, Texas, the heart of republican country, is boycotting the republican president!

One of his darling properties is the Trump Soho in New York City. Once he became president though, and commenced his allegiance to the KKK, big name corporations, athletes, and other celebrities – the normal guests in such a ritzy New York hotel, decided to take their business elsewhere, NYMag. As a result of the drop in revenue, the New York hotel has been forced to lay off staff and shut down some of their restaurants. Since his election, the Trump brands have become the least respected in the world.

For such a “great” businessman, as he claims to be, Trump managed to destroy his business. If only his thirst for attention was not so defiant, he might still be listed as one of Forbes 40 Wealthiest Americans.