You notice how quickly Trump gave up on his stupid wall idea? As soon as the courts refuted his Muslim and Hispanic bans, Trump threw those ideas away as well. Bringing coal back to America’s infrastructure was yet another broken promise from the campaign. All of these ideas were laughable. Anyone who honestly thought that Trump would force businesses to pay more for a power source that was harmful to the environment should go crawl back under their shell. The tax plan, however, was a different sort of promise. A tax cut meant money for Trump. Trump didn’t care about a stupid wall, or banning Hispanics from the country, or getting unemployed coal miners back to work. His tax hike however, will save him, his family, his donors, and his buddies A LOT of money. Trump cares more about lowering his taxes than any other thing in the world.

I wrote an article about half a year ago. The title speaks for itself, The One Campaign Promise Trump Will Keep – Lowering Our Nation’s Tax Rate. I don’t want to pat myself on the back, but I was very confident that Trump and the rest of the republican circus, would keep this single promise to America, and enforce his tax hike. Just last week, every article on the internet about Trump’s tax plan said that it was doomed. The take hike has not yet passed. Hopefully, I will be proven wrong. But now that John McCain, the single republican that blocked Trump’s Obamacare repeal, is all aboard Trump’s tax plan, passage seems very likely.

The only reason republicans are in office, is to save money for their wealthy contributors. Nothing is more important to them than lowering taxes. As a result, Trump’s tax plan will pass. Compare republican reaction to Obamacare and Trump’s tax plan. They had never fought an issue as vehemently as giving healthcare to your children. It took years of nail-biting judicial battle to finally squeeze Obamacare through. But they never stopped fighting and eventually they were able to get rid of it. By attaching the repeal of the individual mandate to the tax bill, republicans now have no choice but to end Obamacare.

Even if yanking away healthcare will harm their constituents, that is not as important as getting their wealthy friends a tax break. Hence, Trump’s tax hike will go through.

You’d think a group of elected politicians who were so against spreading healthcare through our community, would at least be cautious with a tax plan that is predicted to destroy the middle class. You’d have to be really stupid to vote for a party that consistently takes away your benefits.

In addition to destruction of the middle class, Trump’s tax hike will destroy graduate education.

Under the new GOP tax plan, however, those tuition waivers would be taxed as regular income, making graduate school an unaffordable proposition except for those already independently wealthy. Forbes

If graduate schools in America become extinct, than other essential factors of our life will also fall like dominoes. Major science organizations, for example, are protesting Trump’s tax hike. If graduate students are forced to pay thousands more a year, as prescribed in the tax bill, no one would become a scientist. Newsweek

Despite all of this destruction, the GOP will pass it, because it saves money for their wealthy friends.

Have these people no shame?

Meanwhile, Britain is shocked that the President of the United States is re-tweeting images from a British white supremacist web site. The entire republican party is following this president right off the cliff. They fought Obama every inch of his presidency, but Trump, the admitted racist, rapist, and con man, is their shining role model.