Trump’s tax plan will be bad for everyone except him and his family. Still republicans are for it. Do you remember all of those morons protesting Obamacare? Republicans wouldn’t be forced to pay for health insurance. They compared the King of England taxing colonials to paying for insurance. How stupid do you have to be to fall for that one? Such an image got those republicans all riled up. Just like those patriots fighting for their liberty, they needed to fight against health insurance for their families.

Obamacare deduced that if everyone had insurance, our healthcare system would be more efficient and much cheaper for all. If you don’t have insurance and you break your leg and go to the hospital, the hospital will have to shoulder the costs. That cost will eventually be covered by increasing the costs of that hospital’s services. Under Obamacare though, everyone has insurance, so healthcare costs remain low.

Eventually, republicans got their way. Obamacare is on its way out. As a result of the biggest legislative battle that republicans ever fought, they don’t have to pay that extra $40 a month for healthcare. Republicans are so ecstatic now that their kid’s illnesses won’t be discovered until they are wheeled into the emergency room. YIPPEE!!

The few dollars a month we were going to pay for our healthcare has been swallowed by Trump’s ginormous tax plan. If Trump’s tax plan passes, never before in our history, will so much of our nation’s tax burden be passed to the middle and lower class. Another reason to celebrate! Do you see a pattern in republican victories?

Republican voters become even more dimwitted, when you examine their economic stratosphere. According to Ipsos, of those that made $100,000 or more, the wealthiest 25% of America, 45% were going to vote for Clinton and 28% for Trump. Of those that make $250,000 a year or more, the wealthiest 5% of America, 53% were going for Clinton and 25% for Trump. NYTimes

Hence, an overwhelming majority of people that voted for Trump, will be damaged financially as a result. A vote for Trump would hurt them financially. Over ten years, the plan will cost about $2 trillion. All of that money will just go to the uber wealthy. Ironically, our president who made the tax bill as well as his family, will benefit greatly from the plan. OKObserver

All of those tank-top wearing swastika waving Trump supporters at his rallies, admire Trump so much that they are willing to give up their local public schools, roadwork, police and firemen so that Donald Trump’s family get a tax break. These morons are cool with handing over their last few pennies to Trump’s family, but being forced to pay for their kid’s health insurance, that is where they draw the line!

They might call it being patriotic – I call it being stupid.

Republican representative Daniel Donovan, of Staten Island, acknowledges exactly how Draconian Trump’s tax plan is for blue states.

“A lot of the numbers we’ve seen over the last few days don’t apply to New York. There was a study I saw showing four states will end up paying sixteen billion dollars more in taxes, and forty six states will pay less. Those states are New York, New Jesey, California and Maryland. Those are the people that are subsidizng this tax break for the rest of America. NewYorker

Donovan is the only republican congressman from New York. After this tax bill, I reckon their won’t be any republican congressmen in New York.

Back to my initial question though, where is all of that republican outrage about the size that the national debt will balloon to once this tax bill goes into effect? How could those same people that stood out in the rain and protested the thought of having to buy insurance, be cool with Trump’s tax plan?

The only good thing that Trump is doing, is making his supporters look as dumb as bags of bricks. Why were they so against Obamacare? Could it really be just the fact that Obama had a funny name and he was a democrat? Is that why millions of American refused to pay for insurance for their children? The stupid masses always outnumber the intelligent few. They got what they wanted. Now they have no insurance, and if Trump’s tax plan goes into effect, their local municipalities will be forced to strip many more benefits.

Trump’s plan to reduce our taxes by robbing essential government services from our lives, is really nothing new. Dictators run their governments similarly. Trump has promised the most sweeping tax changes in decades. In comparison with other countries, America pays some of the smallest taxes in the world. In a list of developed countries, America ranks 30th, PewResearch. We already pay next to nothing in taxes. However, Trump is still determined to take more away.

During the campaign, Trump would say America pays the most taxes in the world, which is an outright lie, CNN. Trump doesn’t care about government benefits. Garbage trucks and public education just add more to his taxes. Wealthy republican donors have always fought to remove such benefits so that money could go towards a tax break for them. The only people who are cool with Trump’s tax plan are the uber wealthy and the shit-kicking and uneducated Trumpkin.