It seems as if Alabama Roy Moore, is studying how Trump handled his sexual molestation accusations, and copying them to a tee. I am sure that every person accused of a sexual offense will attempt to mimic our president’s perfect reaction. Not only was he accused by several women of disgusting sexual misconduct, but he became president shortly afterwards! Who else could pull off such a feat?

Whatever Trump did, worked. Don’t forget, not only was he battling sexual molestation charges, but at the time of the election, he was also the defendant in a massive class action, charging that he stole tuition money from little high school graduates. These accusations would have sunk any other candidate, but they just skirted off Trump. No one cared about Trump’s theft of children and raping of women, but Hillary using an unsecured email server became a cardinal sin.

As the accusations began to pile up, Trump defied the world by threatening to sue his accusers. Trump supporters across the nation cheered, because this seemed to verify his innocence. Trump said that he would sue the women accusing him of sexual assault, once the election was over. No criminals are dumb enough to sue their victims. Trump supporters were certain that if Trump was going to sue his accusers, he was innocent of their baseless claims.

In fact, according to this article, Donald Trump threatened to sue people twenty times, just during the elections alone. He followed through in two of them. One time, he sued the Culinary Workers Union and Bartenders Union for claiming that Trump spent the night at the unionized Treasure Island Casino-resort instead of his own hotel. The other time, was when he threatened to sue Univision over the Miss USA pageant.

The other eighteen times, ranging from threatening to sue The Washington Post over an article about how one of his casinos filed for bankruptcy, to threatening to sue nearly a dozen women who accused him of sexual assault, Trump never followed through. Could it be that he didn’t sue those eighteen times, because he was actually guilty?

Imagine if a dozen women falsely accused you of sexual assault! What would be your reaction? By not retaliating legally, aren’t you just admitting guilt? Especially a guy like Trump, who sues and gets sued as much as him, why would he NOT sue over such damaging accusations?

In defense of Trump supporters, at the time, they assumed he was going to sue his accusers. Once Trump became president, he didn’t have to prove anything. Trump’s threats tricked his supporters into voting for him.

Roy Moore is hoping he could do the same. If he could convince his voters that he will sue his accusers, Moore is hoping for some redemption, Trump style. At a press conference in a Huntsville gym, Roy Moore said that his sexual allegations were false and that the newspaper “will be sued”. As a result, his supporters gave him a loud round of applause, CBS. After being accused, by man women, of having sex with minors, all Roy Moore needed to do, to maintain his support, was say that he was going to sue them.

Moore may be copying Trump, but Trump got his playbook from Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Hitler destroyed all of Germany’s main newspapers, and sent the journalists to concentration camps. Of course, when you are trying to perpetrate a lie, you must ransack the media.