Imagine that Putin really did plant Trump into the White House. Consequently, it isn’t that difficult. Let’s say Trump owes Putin huge amounts of money. In response, Putin tells Donald, if he runs for president, the debt is squashed. Trump shocks the world and actually wins. So now, Putin has a puppet in the White House. As preposterous as this story sounds, it is proven by several investigations that Russia was involved in the election. In addition, it is also proven that the Trump campaign and Putin representatives secretly met. Donald Trump Jr. even met with Russians in hopes of scoring dirt on Hillary.

Let’s take this one step further. If Putin had a puppet in the White House, and he could pull the puppet’s strings and make it do whatever he wants, the puppet’s action would certainly be harmful to America. According to former National Security Agency analyst and counterintelligence officer John Schindler, Russia hates America. He feels that Russia hates the West for the same reasons that Jihadists hate the West, “a cultural invasion of liberal and secular values into its more conservative society” BusinessInsider.

God, help us!

Trump’s presidential actions have been so destructive for America, many political analysts have questioned Trump’s decisions. Look at Puerto Rico, where Americans are so starved they have begun to eat the dead. Or how about the Department of Education, Trump nominated Betsy Devos to run it. She has made a fortune in charter schools, and destroying the public school she new runs. Or likewise, Scott Pruitt, the leader of the Environmental Protection Agency, spent his life working in the fossil fuel industry, trying to dismantle the EPA.

Republicans have always been begging to destroy our government. Government is too big, they preach. Conservatives fought Obamacare cause they didn’t want government in their healthcare. The republican king makers just care about their wallets. Money is behind everything they do. Every government agency that is weakened, gets taken over in the private sector. You could bet, the wealthy Republican donor will be waiting to control that market.

Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, is a great example. Her entire career, she has been trying to weaken the Department of Education, to strengthen her charter school industry. No companies can compete with the government, the only way to weaken a government agency, is from the inside. Trump’s new budget decimates education, by slashing the department a whopping $11 billion, 13%. You think public schools are underfunded now? Under Trump’s budget, every parent will send their child to a charter school.

Another awesome example could be found in an article I wrote the other week. The article is about Trump’s choice to lead the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Barry Myers. This guy owns AccuWeather, which is a director competitor of the NOAA. AccuWeather charges consumers for the same forecasts that NOAA offer for free. Previously, Barry Myers tried to enforce legislation to weaken the NOAA. Furthermore, now he controls the agency!

We already know that Trump and Russia were working together during the campaign. Now that Trump is in office, willfully making decisions to cripple America, it is hard to dismiss the notion that Putin, who despises western culture, didn’t give these orders.